Thursday, November 8, 2007

Three and Free...

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Today we all went to visit Christin and her girls and have lunch with Daddy, since he had to work a long shift today. Just as we were leaving our friends (and I did call Christin beforehand to let her know of our expedition), Zachary started doing the "pee-pee" dance in his carseat. We were literally only a few minutes from the restaurant and I asked if he could wait. "NO! I need to go now!"

Unbuckled. Ran up to the porch. Knocked on the door. Nothing. We've literally only been gone minutes from their either Christin is hiding and praying we won't remember she's home...or she just didn't hear us. *grins* I didn't dare ring the bell (the whole sleeping baby thing was going on)'s a boy. He has to pee. There were bushes....Christin's bushes, so I did try to at least take him to the neighbor's side (hee hee). Mind you, this is the first time that I have ever let him know that he can pee outside. It just hadn't dawned on him before (thankfully).

Mission accomplished. We proceeded to lunch and Zachary was thrilled with his first "outdoor adventure". One would think this would be the end of the story, but alas, no.

After we got home, I attempted to barricade myself in the bathroom for a moment of peace, until of course Zachary came banging on the door. "I need to go potty!" Apparently he's forgotten that he passed another bathroom on his way to bother me. I told him to go use his bathroom. He didn't want to, but eventually left and I assumed that he finally gave up waiting for me and used the other bathroom.

Until Laurianna started yelling.

"Mom! Come now! You have to see what Zachary is doing! Come quick!"

So I did. I ran, figuring he'd managed to get into something (again) and wasn't sure what to expect. I most definitely did not expect to find my son, standing on the back deck in 40 degree weather with his pants down and PEEING OFF THE DECK!!!


  1. OH! HERE is said blog about pee. hee hee You'd think after hearing the version tonight on the phone that I wouldn't STILL laugh. But yep. I laughed. Hard.

    And for the record. I WAS hiding.

    hahaha. kidding. only kidding. ;)

  2. hahahaha!!! I am laughing so hard over here! :)


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