Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Lesser Known 8th Dwarf...

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During McKenna's birthday party, we were trying to name the 7 dwarfs (or "dorfs" as McKenna chooses to call them). We had Sleepy, Sneezy, Doc, Dopey, Happy, Grumpy, and were trying to name the 7th when Zachary piped in: "Poopy!" - yes. The lesser-known dwarf, Poopy. That's who we were missing. Any wonder why he would have been forgotten?

The kids were talking in the van the other day and this is the conversation I overheard.

M: When I was at preschool, we went for a walk and saw a HUGE bear. But it was ok. We killed it so we were safe. (funny, I don't remember THAT making the newsletter....huh.)

L: Did you bring it back and eat it? I hear that bear is rather tasty! (and where pray-tell did she hear that. Bear is such a staple in our house....)

M: No. We left it out in the woods for the other animals to eat. You know, the ones that eat bears.

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  1. Very cute story. I love the things little ones say. Yes,you are right it makes you wonder where they come up with it.

  2. THAT exact story could have gone in my house - about the bear. I love when they are just talking away and we have NO clue where it comes from! Cute Cute Cute!

  3. What is it with toddler aged boys and poopy??? Mine would have said the same thing! LOL!


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