Saturday, November 10, 2007

5th Birthday Party

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Happy Birthday, McKenna!! Although Monday is the "official" day, we celebrated McKenna's 5th birthday today with many of our friends (shhh....don't tell her, but I think the grown-ups even had fun!!). We invited 3 other families over for a total of 14 kids between us all. Sound crazy? It truly didn't seem it at all.

McKenna was so excited to see Charis and Selah (and Reagan) pull up. "They're here! Charis and Selah are here! ... and they have a PRESENT!!" Somehow, the present factor hadn't filtered into her mind with the party idea yet.

As Elias and Micah pulled up, the present recognition was a lot quicker. "Micah and Elias...they brought a present too!"

When the Fawleys all began piling out of their last the PRESENT!! :)

But truly, all they all wanted was cake. Lunch hadn't even been served...can we have cake now? Wait five minutes....can we have cake now?

Hot dogs, chips, yogurt (had to have something somewhat "healthy" right?) and macaroni and cheese was the menu for the day. Here are all the kids enjoying lunch.
....clean up...and then present time! McKenna was so excited with the gifts she received. Thank you again to all you lovely mommies!! She got a new Dora umbrella,
a FUN design-her-own purse (with fabric glue and all....hee hee, Leanne!), and a crown and dress up shoes to match the dress she doesn't know she's getting yet. Laurianna wrapped up one of her old stuffed animals to give to McKenna too.

After presents, one must have cake. McKeanna wanted vanilla cake with chocolate frosting - and she wanted the cake to be polka-dotted (so no, the cake isn't sick). I searched hi and lo for Necco wafers so that I didn't have to color and cut out fondant icing. Thank goodness I finally found them.

Overall, such a fun time with the kids and the parents had fun and actually were able to eat and talk too (thank you so much to Katie, Kimberly and Corbin for their help with all the little ones!).


  1. LOVING that cake! What a great way to avoid the fondant!

  2. I'm thinking those were some pretty cute kids you invited over to your house. REAL cute. ;)

  3. Happy birthday, McKenna!!!

    I thought it was so sweet that she got a used teddy bear from her big sister...what sacrificial love. :)


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