Sunday, November 4, 2007

Coming Home...

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There is nothing like the feeling of being your own space. The familiar smells. Lots of little familiar faces. And your own bed (I am looking forward to that almost the most!) I wasn't gone that long, but I was without a computer this weekend - and wonderfully so, I might add. Our church had it's annual ladies retreat and I headed off and left my WONDERFUL husband with our 4 kiddos at home to spend 2 nights away...with friends and most importantly digging deeper into Jesus.

I am still processing a lot of stuff from this weekend and will most likely share some more in-depth a little later this week, as I have time and deeper insight into things. :) Overall, it was absolutely wonderful. The time with friends was so much fun. I roomed with Christin from Meandering Through and Crystal from Birth of a Midwife - we were blessed to have a great room that adjoined with Christin's mom's room, who was our speaker for the weekend. The time growing together and learning more about God's heart for us and digging deeper was so encouraging - both personally and as an overall body of women.

So, I will share more later (and I'm sure Christin will have lots to write too!). For now, I will post a picture of Christin and I that we took Saturday night - just to prove we know each other. :) So, here's a pic of us - and I will refrain from posting some of the other lovely pictures that I took (hee hee) for fear of retribution!


  1. Okay, so how vain is this? I'm not thinking oh how cute we look. No, I'm thinking...oh my goodness, the way I bending around and the way my shirt is wrinkling makes me look huge.

    can you tell I'm feeling so very spiritual at the moment. heh heh I'm so glad HE loves me anyway. ;)

  2. Oh, come on...I wanna see the "good stuff"! Post that Post that!


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