Sunday, November 25, 2007

Chocolate Cake for Everyone!

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Little boy Kaleb turned one on Saturday. Personally I'm having mixed emotions about the whole thing, but really can do little to change it right? :) Knowing that Kaleb is our last little one is bittersweet. I don't have any desire to go back to the baby stage, but as he outgrows clothes, everyday loses a little more of that "baby face" and just plain grows up, it's a little sad mixed in with sweet. Just a year ago he was a little thing - not quite 6 pounds. Such an amazing blessing to our family. Anticipated for many months. Desired with all our hearts. And safely delivered to our eager waiting arms...and all the additional little people arms too!

And now he's one. Look at this little face...

We were blessed to have Rick's parents visit from New York along with our niece Brianna. Maria (who was with us when Kaleb was born) and her daughter Cassie also were part of the bunch celebrating Kaleb's big day. The siblings were very excited about his presents (and he really loved the butterfly book which only later I discovered was on sale for a good reason: the first page is English and the rest is SPANISH!! sigh)...

ripping open a present

playing with a little wooden barn

Other than the cookie he so eagerly mauled the other night, this was his first cake. and chocolate. If I had to clean up a mess, might as well make it fun to see! There were some great cake pictures - the looks on his face in some of them deserve some great captions! Here is the cake before...

...a first grab

almost done....

Satisfied with chocolate!!!

Another quick family picture too!


  1. Happy Birthday sweet boy! It goes faster each time I am finding...

    GREAT family shot!

  2. I can totally understand the mixed emotions. Actually, I shouldn't say that because, really, I can only imagine what it must feel like to do all those wonderful things for the "last" time. So bittersweet! Even with my current pregnancy, I find myself looking forward to the next one...and definitely not feeling "done." :)

    Anyway, good for you for preserving these memories so well and not letting the moments slip away uncherished!

  3. How long did it take you to clean up all of that chocolate cake?! :) He seemed to enjoy that. My younger 2 didn't want to touch their 1st birthday cake. They went face first. My oldest dug in with his hands... never again will I use red icing on a cake.
    Happy Birthday Kaleb!

  4. He looks quite happy with himself and his new found ability to eat like a big boy...SUGAR!

  5. Great photos, Jo! Looks like your little man had a great time! :)


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