Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Used Toy Sale Soon

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There are two things that are wonderfully miraculous about this picture:

  1. My camera is obviously still working ~ sort of. I have to hold it 'just so' and put pressure on the lens 'just right', but it's better than the alternative of buying a new camera.

  2. My son escaped the 'camera breaking incident' with his life intact.
Monday, Zachary decided that he wanted to use my camera ~ which I generally store waaaaay up high, on top of the entertainment center.

Meaning he had to climb and reach to grab it. And he did so with the grace of a 4 year old, didn't have a good hold on it and dropped it to the wood floor.

Breaking one of my favorite lenses {the 50mm}.

Had you been present in my house at that moment...well, I cried. And had the presence of mind to have my son remove himself from the room before I did something I would realllllly regret later {and he had the wisdom to move quickly!!}.

After some manhandling of my camera, I was finally able to remove the broken lens and put another one on to test the camera and make sure the body was still working. And not rattling.

So far, so good.

Zachary was apparently aware of how seriously upset I was and quickly tried to smooth things over with me by apologizing and drawing me a picture.

This is a self-portrait of him standing in front of a table selling his toys to help earn money so that he can buy me a new camera.

His idea ~ not mine.

Anyone in the market for some beat-up toys? They won't be cheap...


  1. Awe...both about the lens and about the letter he gave you.

  2. ooo man.. I totally would have cried also! Glad its mostly okay! The picture is to cute.. glad he is willing to sell some toys to help ;-)

  3. I am SO glad that your camera isn't broken! And I cried a little for him, glad that he feels bad about it!

  4. What a heartfelt apology. I am sure he understands exactly how much this lens meant to you. You have a wonderful little man in the works and God is going to keep on working in his heart.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  5. I can TOTALLY relate!! I was at the ChikFilA playplace with my kiddos & a friend I hadn't seen for a long while. I was meeting his 2 year old son for the first time SO, I had my camera to take pix of my kids with their new friend. My camera HAD (note the past tense?) a 70-300mm zoom lens, a lens which Tamron no longer manufactures! It was my beloved! But, my 7 year old has a bit of an Impulse-control issue, and he snatched my camera up to pretend to be taking a picture, at which point the lens twisted itself out to full length and startled him and he jumped and-yep, you guessed it!- dropped it on the floor. Let's just say I no longer have "good" lens. But thankfully (and praise God for this!!) my camera body still works...mostly. It has some trouble with autofocus every more often than not, but it still takes pictures...I'm just not gonna win any awards with them (but, if I'm being honest, that's not the camera's fault anyway). Unlike you, I barely got a "sorry, mom". I think he knew better than to speak for awhile...even for an apology. That's what I get for idolizing that lens, I guess. I'm so glad that your camera still works!!!

  6. Poor guy...but at least he is resourceful...which will get him far in life!

  7. Man. Kids. Did I mention I don't have any? ;)

  8. Oh my...what a precious memory. Frustrating I know...but so precious.

  9. Yikes..was it the 50 mm 1.8. At least that isn't a hugely expensive lens. I would have been devastated!! I hope you can get a replacement. And that picture is soo cute!

  10. I am so impressed with both miracles that that picture represents. I'm sorry about your camera, but thankful for your presence of mind. I can guarantee that the same situation would have evoked some crying and yelling in my house. *sigh*

    I'm glad your camera still works, at least.

  11. What a wonderful apology! At least he realizes the error of his ways.

  12. OH MY GOSH! Isn't it so frustrating that something like that can happen and you can't react especially when they pull a massively sweet stunt like that in the end? Frustrating and heart melting all at the same time.
    I'm so sorry that happened though.

  13. I am sorry about the camara, but oh the apology from your son is so sweet!


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