Monday, September 7, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday: Favorite Things About Fall

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Friend Makin' Monday will be spending some time hosted by Amber over the next little bit. This week Amber asked what our favorite things about fall were. I love summer and spring {winter is still up in the air} but fall is hands down my favorite of all of the seasons.

Apple Cider. I know I can drink this other times of the year, but having the house smell of mulling cider and all the yummy spices....Mmmmm! There's just something about holding a nice, warm mug of cider in my hands and inhaling the lovely smell of it.

Apple picking. We've gone apple picking at a wonderful orchard the last few years and have loved doing it together as a family. Last year we came back with so.many.apples and we were baking and cooking for a loooooong time. Makes me want to go right now just talking about it.

Changing leaves. I grew up in New England and we had some beautiful places to visit and see the amazing changes fall brought about. Where we live now there are still some great places to visit and THIS year I hope we can do a little more viewing as a family {heads up honey!!}.

Cooler weather. The general mugginess and overall heat is finally dissipating and we can open up our windows at night and snuggle down under the covers. :)

Long sleeves and sweaters. Being cozy is ever so nice. Wrapping up in a favorite sweater. Pulling out all those clothes that I've missed over the summer and being toasty rather than HOT {I realize it's all in my head...but still!}

Start-up of Co-op. During our homeschool year we are involved in a local co-op with all the kids and they are so excited to see their friends from last year and I love to reconnect with other homeschooling moms.

Pumpkins, pumpkin patches, hayrides and more! We have several places nearby that are great to take the kids with lots of fun stuff to do. While we don't celebrate Halloween we do have fun decorating for fall and bringing home pumpkins.

Fall into Reading. While I read year round, it's always fun to join in with Katrina at Callapidder Days and see what goals others are setting for themselves. I've found some great books through other readers and it's great to track my own reading and set some goals for myself.

There are so many more things I LOVE about fall, but that's it for now. What do you love most about the fall season?


  1. I love all the things you mentioned- but another one of my favorites is the abundance of candy corn! We eat a whole year's worth in just a couple months!

  2. OK...I am going to go check out that Fall into Reading link. :) Thanks! I also love the smell of cider...I don;t like to drink it. I love to make it ans smell it thought!

  3. Yes, I should have said Apples. They are the best in the Fall and to be able to pick them is great. Happy Fall to you!

  4. To go out of my way to walk through crunchy leaves.

  5. I love all of those things too. Have a super happy Monday!!!

  6. Love your list, we have many that are the same. I forgot my coop and you know I didn't put it but I always LOVE that meme fall into reading too, its always fun to read everyones list.


  7. You have a great list!!! I will have to look into apple picking this year, and I love love love pumpkin patches!

  8. Hay rides, Apples, Raking leaves with my son (and this year my daughter I'm sure will be helping), sweaters, crisp evenings, beauty of the Creation God has given us.

  9. I would have to say besides all your wonderful things you have listed. Fires in the fireplace when it's crisp and cold outside.
    Pumpkin pie with whipped cream.
    Hot chocolate with nutmeg and whipped cream.
    Hot apple pie.
    Comfy, warm, flannel sheets.
    Flavored hot tea.
    Crock pot meals and corn bread.
    The changing colors of the leaves on the trees!
    The gently falling rain.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  10. Great list! Apple cider is really yummy and I think I do only drink it in the fall and maybe winter. Do you make your own or get it from Starbucks like I do? lol

  11. I love your list, and forgot about hayrides...I love the smell of hay! I forgot about apple cider too...yum! Happy Fall!

  12. This is a great list! Thanks for sharing. I wish that we had an apple orchard here. I have always wanted to take the kids and do that! I am going to check out that fall into reading also! Thanks again!

  13. Great list! I'm not a big drinker of apple cider, but the smell of it is just amazing! Completely agree about that.

  14. I cannot believe I forgot apple cider on my list!!!
    Love it, seriously fall is the best!

    The Buzz,

    p.s. swing by and come enter some giveaways going on also. :)

  15. Great FMM list! I love apple picking and eating. There are so many yummy apple recipes - makes me excited just thinking about it!

    Have a wonderful week!


  16. I love your list! I enjoy each and every one as well. I don't know what it is about Fall that makes drinking cider better, but it does. We are going to pick apples in the next few weeks and I can't wait.

  17. Sweaters were on my list too! And I love apples, though I tend to make pies out of them. We home school our kidlets too, and between now and winter we're going to be doing a lot of fun projects, so that gets me in the mood for fall as well =)

    Nice to meet you!

  18. I love, love, LOVE FALL! It is my very favorite season of all. IF I hadn't been a teacher when I was enegaged 9 years ago, it would have been in October at the peak of color and it would have been an outside wedding. I love the SMELL of FALL! It is a crisp, cool smell. With an almost barky, metallic, earthy fragance that really cannot be put into words. I love autumn stew as well! AFter the roast and carrots/potatoes are eaten on Sunday you make autumn stew with them and some bay leaf. It is great to have on a cool day. I love watching a good college football game outside (NOT on TV). It is more of a ambiance and people watching, social thing. I could go on, on at this point, but I think you get the picture! LOL Thanks again for a great post, Jolanthe!


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