Monday, September 14, 2009

Fall Shows I'm Excited to See! {Friend Makin' Monday}

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Friend Makin' Monday will be spending some time hosted by Amber over the next little bit. This week the topic is revolving around the upcoming fall tv season and what we're looking forward to.

Me? Oh, I have a few shows that I really enjoy ~ some that have been around for several seasons and a few that I've watched the pilot episodes. There used to be so many shows and over time I have slowly weaned off and focused on a few that I really enjoy {and I am one to take advantage of watching them online so I don't need to watch the commercials}.

We also don't have cable, so the shows we watch are usually on the basic networks

Bones ~ End of the season left us hanging. I love the humor on the show and also the scientific aspect of the show.

House ~ The stuff House can get away with...

The Office ~ This show just cracks me up. Everything is so absolutely politically wrong about the show which just makes it even better.

Glee ~ I watched the series premiere and I'm going to check it out a little more, but one that I am interested in. :)

What shows are you looking forward to this fall?


  1. I don't watch any of those shows but I wanted to tell you that your kiddos sure are cute!

  2. I too watch all but Grey's online :-P.. so much easier and I can squeeze it in when time permits. Bones is a fun show.. I have liked the episodes I have watched.

  3. The Office is on my list and we just got into House so I didn't know it was a fall premier too so that is very exciting as well! Happy Monday!

  4. I love the office too!! It's so funny. Great list!

  5. I like House too, and I've seen Bones a few times. It's a really good show.
    I'm not familiar with Glee so I'll google it.

  6. Here are my favorites:

    Greys' Anatomy, Private Practice, Survivor, The Apprentice, House, The Office, Hell's Kitchen, and The Ghost Whisperer.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  7. We love Bones too! I know those cliff hangers get ya!

  8. I need to start watching the Office because I hear nothing but good and funny things about it.


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