Friday, September 4, 2009

911 ~ What's Your Emergency?

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One would wonder how {and why} I neglected to blog about the fact that Zachary called 911 over a month and a half ago.

I mean seriously. It's prime blog fodder and it involves Zachary.


We'd just gotten home from shopping and I laid my cell phone down ~ and forgot to move it out of reach. The kids went outside to play and I was in the living room working and had the screen door open to keep an ear on the kids.

That would be when I heard my phone ringing ~ far off in the distance.

It took me a minute to put two and two together and race down the porch steps in search of the phone. I found Zachary huddled underneath the workbench, desperately trying not to be seen ~ and failing miserably.

After I grabbed the phone from him I saw there were a few missed calls and I flipped through the dialed calls and panicked when I realized that 911 was rather prominent on the list.

There were two messages on my phone from the few short moments he had the phone and after I listened to them I quickly returned the calls from the 911 dispatch operator. The voice on the other end reassured me that no vehicle had been dispatched yet because they wanted to confirm the emergency.

Apparently they were told that a house had been hit by lightning and burned to the ground.

Fortunately for me, it was a beautiful day without a hint of lightning. Dispatch laughed and told us not to worry about it {thank the Lord!}.

After talking to Zachary, we found out the full details. A past visit with some very friendly firefighters....and a little boy who just wanted to talk to those firemen, so he decided to call and chat. In his four-year-old ramblings he told them all about a house that had been hit by lightening and burned down near a friend's house almost a month prior.

Truth, yes. Trouble ~ absolutely.


  1. That is so cute that he wanted to call them and chat! Jamison called 911 once too by accident and the dispatcher was not so nice to us.

  2. OMG Cheeky did the SAME thing when he was 2 years old! He found my cell phone and was playing around with it, and little did I know, called 911. Only, I didn't realize it and just took the phone away...about 15 minutes later, I had an officer knocking on my door asking if everything was OK...OH so embarrasing. At first he seemed like he was angry, but he was soon laughing as well. I am sure he didn't appreciate the wasted time ;)

  3. It is one of those things that is embarrassing when it happens but makes a GREAT story later!

  4. Ha ha ha! I was scared away from dialing numbers on the phone when my cousin accidentally called an international number when we were 5. My grandparents weren't amused (ok, I have to admit, *we* were though).

  5. Okay so I had heard this story from you but it doesn't keep me from cracking up! Glad they hadn't dispatched anyone :-P

  6. Geez...I totally shouldn't have laughed at that, but I did. Gosh I'm hoping to avoid that kind of call in my future days, but since I laughed I'm thinking I have it coming.

    Have a great holiday weekend!

  7. That is so funny! and precious! I love it...I will be laughing the rest of the day.

  8. You know at least you know your son knows how to call 911 without a doubt and just who he will reach on the other line.

    Classic story and thanks so much for sharing it!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  9. That is great blogging material. We have all been there!

  10. What a forgiving fire department. We would have been fined through the eyeballs, but then we live in a moderate sized city.

    Lesson learned!

  11. Oh My! When my oldest was two she called 911 trying to call her Daddy who was out of town!

  12. How cute! I know it probably wasn't then, but boy it's so sweet to read about now. The same thing happened at my mom's house while my son visited for the day when he was 4 or 5. After he called, the dispatcher called back but still sent out an officer in a squad car per policy. My son thought it was so cool, while the older officer tried to pick up my mom. :)


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