Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Captain of the Obvious

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Sunday night I sat down to start my geography planning for the upcoming school week. I pulled out all my resources on the country of Egypt, researched different topics to study, requested a TON of books from the library and got it all laid out.

Then I looked at my planner and realized that we were supposed to be studying NEW ZEALAND for the next few weeks.

To say I was frustrated would be putting it mildly. I'd have to start all over again and drop all that I was doing, stay up late and work like crazy.

Until my husband looked at me and reminded me, "Can't you just rearrange the weeks around and study New Zealand later?"


There is that option, isn't there? Ahhhhh....the beauty of homeschooling {and a husband who so lovingly reminded me of the obvious}.

'Cause I'm quick like that.


  1. LOL! But honey, that's not how I wrote it on my LIST! I've definitely been there.

  2. I would've freaked like that also. :) There is an order, and we MUST follow that order.

  3. That sounds like me and Rondell. I would have been freaking out too and he would have come in with just that line. Whew...what would we do without them. Have fun in Egypt.

  4. Sometimes we get on the path of determination so much so that the obvious flies by us. The same has happened to me. The same has happened to my husband. That's what we have spouses for! And, that is a bonus to homeschooling!

  5. Don't you just love those moments? I'll never forget the time, back in the days when I had a "real" job, when I dropped a paperclip on a red ink pad. I sat there, staring dumbly, at the paperclip before finally wondering aloud, "How am I going to get that paperclip off of there without getting ink all over my fingers."

    My co-worker looked at me like I'd completely lost my mind before saying, very slowly and clearly, "You could just pick the ink pad up and turn it over."

    Um, yeah. I guess I could do that.

    I still laugh every time I think about that conversation. So, you know, you could just study Egypt. ;-)

  6. Thank goodness for husbands...they help keep us sane!

  7. Sometimes I wish we could spend much longer times studying Egypt. It's ancient history and the stories that comes from that period of time are mesmerizing.

    So glad that hubby was there to provide you that "Out" you needed!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  8. Yep that could have been me!! Glad you decided to go with the flow :-)


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