Sunday, September 20, 2009

Serve It Up Sunday {9.20.09}

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Serve It Up Sunday

Last week was a little bit out of whack with traveling and visiting friends...but this week, I'm back on track with our meals and WILL remember to check the plan at the start of the day before we start school...rather than remember at 3 o'clock that everything I need is frozen {ahem}. Here's the plan for this week ~ and don't you be jealous of my popcorn Sunday.

Sunday ~ Popcorn and movie at night!

Monday ~ Sweet & Sour Meatballs. I am ever-so-picky about meatballs and this recipe is from my mother-in-law. This was one of the first meals she made when I met Rick's family so many years ago!

Tuesday ~ Chicken tetrazinni. Super easy recipe that I am doubling so I can freeze one batch for a quick dinner in the next few months.

Wednesday ~ Meatball subs. I'm planning on making an extra batch of meatballs Monday {if I'm already touching raw meat, I might as well make it worth my while...}. I'm hoping I'll have time to make some sub rolls to go along with them.

Thursday ~ Leftovers ~ somehow I have a feeling there will be some...

Friday ~ Homemade pizza bites. The kids love these - and I promise to share the recipe this time!

Saturday ~ Burritos

See what others are dishin' out in their houses this week {or link up your own menu plans} over at Mommypalooza!


  1. I would be at church, but I have a little girl a might under the weather . . .

    Menu Plan Monday for me tomorrow! I've needed to whip back around and make the menu. I wasn't planning, we were doing the hunter-gatherer thing out of the cupboards and it wasn't working that well. Argh!

  2. This is something I can definitely begin doing. It helps keep things under control during a busy school week.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. Sweet and sour meatballs sound delicious! Will you share the recipe?

    Btw, check out my give-away.

  4. Will you please share your Chicken tetrazinni recipe. It is something that I actually want to try this week. Looks like a great menu.

  5. mmm.sweet and sour meatballs are one of our favorites!

  6. popcorn??? you guys seriously only eat POPCORN for dinner on Sunday????

  7. Ohhh yummy pizza bites... little ones would love to eat those! Yep you gotta share when you can.


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