Monday, September 28, 2009

I Can't Live Without...{Friend Makin' Monday}

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Friend Makin' Monday is being hosted by Amber over the next little bit. This week the topic is revolving around what we just can't live without.

Now aside from the obvious ~ you know, my husband, my family, God, my friends ~ here are a few things that I think just make my life plain easier and lovely. I'm sure I would manage life fine without them, but I'd rather not.
  • Hi Speed Internet. Gone are the days of dial-up and I am so thankful that I don't have to wait to get access. Truly, a most wonderful, wonderful thing.
  • Our Keurig. No more big pots of coffee. Messy coffee filters. Just a simple push of the button to get the caffeine flowing. Heaven in a cup.
  • Google. How in the world did I ever find all the answers to my burning questions? Like ~ "Can a child overdose on Tums?" or "Is plant dirt poisonous?" I love Google.
  • Chick fil A. Indoor playground. Waffle fries. Free wifi should I want it. Must I say more?
  • My van. I would have a very hard time if we had just a car. The whole issue of 'how to cart around 4 kids in carseats' kind.
  • My lovely Canon Rebel. To imagine a world without lovely pictures is just plain sad. ***Updated at 11:30 am to add that I may be imagining a world without for a bit, since Zachary just broke my 50 mm lens and quite possibly the camera too since I can't get the lens off the camera body. Sigh.***
  • Books. Piles and piles of glorious books.
I'm sure that there will be other things that come to me throughout the day, but for now in my 'lack of having used my Keurig' state, this will have to do! Be sure to visit Amber to hang out and make some new friends!


  1. Can't love without books and internet either :)

  2. I have been pondering the purchase of a new camera.... hmmmmmm!

  3. love the list!! Books internet.. oo google should have put that on there!

  4. That coffee machine sounds great. I love Google too and often wonder what I would do without it.

  5. I am with you on the camera thing- I carry two in my purse at all times lol just in case one gets full or the battery dies lol. Happy FMM!

  6. Heaven in a cup... love that! :)
    I can't join you in the love for vans though. I'd strap a kid to the hood before I would comfortably drive a van. I'm just a freak that way.
    Happy Monday

  7. I would agree with you that no one can live without some form of caffeine in the morning. It is how we parents recharge from all of our energy reserves that have been sucked dry by our children who seem to have endless supplies.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  8. I love me some chic fil A!! I'm so
    hungry! Gosh I wish I had time for books. And I'm right there with you about easy to use.

    Have a great week!

  9. Chik-Fil-A!!! There's only one in Manhattan and it's in NYU so I can't eat it!! Love that stuff...

  10. If you need help with your camera, I would suggest dropping by Glen's Fairprice. He has all kinds of camera stuff and seems to know a lot about cameras. I needed a new eyepiece for my Rebel, and they had it there. Hope you get it fixed...I once stuck the battery tray in my extender the wrong way...I thought I was done for.

  11. Oh my, that list is filled with awesomeness.

    We have dial-up at home now, and it makes me a sad sad panda.

    I've wanted a Keurig for my husband, I don't drink coffee, but I see it does tea and hot cocoa too....

    Google is the awesomest thing in the world. Including Google Reader, Mail, Calendar....I could go on and on.

    Chick-fil-A. omg. I miss it...there aren't any around here and I miss it.

    Sometimes I wish we had a van. Even with just one child. But when trying to go somewhere with someone OTHER than just us? Sucks.

    So sad about your SLR....but I'm still jealous. Someday...someday I will have one...

    Books. Ahhh books. The joys of books cannot be spoken, as the words do not exist.

  12. yes! I love google! I would be lost without it!

  13. LOVE the Keurig- since I gave up coffee with my pregnancy, I haven't used it as much but I do love it!!

    Hope your camera is ok!!
    Happy Monday!

  14. Oh no the camera!!! There goes his allowance, whenever he starts to earn one, for the next ... oh 18 years.

    Dial up internet, LOL. When I started working from home we had dial up, not sure how I completed any work. Very Slowly I guess.

  15. What? No Wikipedia? :) I've discovered it lately and am addicted!

  16. My husband needs one of those coffee makers:) Happy FMM!!!

  17. Good good list! I don't know how we ever survived without the internet and google. I remember going to the library to do research in school, now there is so much information available and just a click away!


  18. Goooood list! I can't believe I forgot to put my camera on the list! And I just discovered on the last post I read, that I forgot TARGET!!

    Hope your camera isn't broken!!

  19. That stinks about your camera! Our kiddos have a tendency to break things that we love- mine broke my french press tonight! Such is life!

  20. Sorry to hear about your camera! Hopefully you can get it fixed.

  21. Great list! My list is very similar...I'm with you on all but two items. I'm not a big coffee drinker, and I don't have a nice camera. Everything else I am ITA with you on!


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