Monday, May 18, 2009

You Know You Homeschool When...

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~ Your daughter walks into the house carrying part of a dead bird's head and after your initial shock {and screams of 'GET THAT OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!'} you quickly grab a baggie and have her put it inside so that you can examine it later for science class.

Exhibit 1

~ The dead bird is such an intrigue, that it causes your children to stay outside for almost TWO HOURS happily searching for clues as to what might have killed the bird.

Exhibit 2

~ Two days later you gasp in horror when you see your other daughter pull the dead bird head out of her purse in the MIDDLE OF CHURCH to show to her friends {fortunately it is still in the ziploc baggie conveniently labeled "bird head"}

~ You kill a bee that has been hovering around your children's picnic lunch and realize that the specimen is perfectly intact and would make yet another wonderful science specimen.

The best solution is to store it in a piece of Tupperware and stare at it on your windowsill for weeks on end - because someday it will come in handy.

Exhibit 3

*** Only a bee was harmed intentionally in
the homeschooling process. All hands involved in
the bird head incident were completely and thoroughly cleaned.***


  1. This is really funny, especially the part about pulling out the bird head in church!

  2. hehehe to funny! I would have loved to see some of the faces at church when they saw the bird head :-P

  3. Love it! Keep up the great work [smile].


  4. Just one word, and I'm not sure it's really a word -- Ewwwww! ;-)

  5. *shudder*

    I'm still not that brave.

  6. You have truly crossed over to the dark side of homeschooling...what kind of children will you have?


  7. Wow, you're doing well. When I was a homeschooled kid, we actually used to keep dead birds in our freezer. (Gross, huh.) I don't remember why.


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