Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Future Hackers of America

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The kids have been fascinated by my iTouch. This is clearly evident by the fact that it turns up missing and I find someone huddled over it, furiously trying to figure out the passcode that unlocks it.

Laurianna did.

One night as I was sitting down in the chair and unlocking the screen, she discreetly stood behind me and watched.

And then informed the entire family.

Obviously I need to change it, so I decided to use my birth year {and for good reason didn't tell anyone what it would be}. Today the kids were laughing in the van, saying how they were going to play with my iTouch later, since they knew the passcode.

I informed them I was changing it, and Laurianna said, "To what? The year you were born?"

{insert large mouth drop here}

"It's ok, Mom. I don't know when you were born."

Until McKenna leans toward Laurianna and whispers, "Hey! We can ask Miss Crystal!"

Quick rethinking of my password....and I opt for my old password ~ but BACKWARDS!! My genius overwhelms me at times.

After I let the kids know I've already come up with another password there were a few minutes of quiet. Until McKenna pipes up from the backseat: Is it going to be XXXX? You know, your old password ~ but backwards?"

Apparently, I'm raising the future hackers of America.


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  1. I needed this laugh this morning...your crew is amazing!! We are all forewarned... :)

  2. LOL they are brilliant - I love this !

    My little guys are 2 and have figured out how to press all sorts of buttons to get the phone working.

    My 15 yr old could do everything before we could when he was in primary school.

  3. Isn't it great what a little determination will do!

  4. Oh that was the BEST!!! Thanks for sharing this!

    ~Emily Joy

  5. LOL!

    They're brilliant! I wonder where they learn all of this problem solving and independent thinking???? ;-D

  6. Too funny! Good to have clever kids though! Happy TTT!

  7. That is hilarious! They're so clever because they're homeschooled. ;-)

  8. LOL o my goodness that is great! I will make sure to have secure passwords when I am around your kids :-P

  9. I think this shows that you spend a lot of time with your kids--they know you really well!

  10. Well, someone is going to be raising the future hackers, and I'm fine with you taking that position [smile].


  11. thats good stuff. i've always said if you need help with your electronics just ask your kids!

  12. Oh My Goodness! How on earth did they figure that out? I don't think my kids would even know where to begin.

    But you got me thinking about password protecting the iPhone. I haven't done that.

    Happy TTT!

  13. Oh, my. I have a feeling that'll be my kid in a few years. He already figured out the on button for my cell phone, as well as his aunt's. And he's only 18 months. I am in SO much trouble.

    PS) Try thinking of a sentence that you can remember easily, then use the first letters of each word to form the password. It'll be much harder for them to figure out. As a child of the 80s, I would totally use Jenny's number. They'd never get that!

  14. This was TOO funny!

  15. That was hilarious! Thanks for sharing! You're right, there are no ordinary moments for you! Love the blog!


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