Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We Belong To Heaven ~ John Mandeville

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Today marks the official release of We Belong to Heaven from John Mandeville. Over the years he has written hit songs for Point of Grace {Jesus Will Still Be There}, 4Him, Clay Crosse, Avalon, and Tammy Trent...to name just a few. We Belong to Heaven was birthed during a difficult season in John's life:
“This project really wrote itself as a result of what I was living through, it was meant to be a monument of change for my family, sort of like David wrote the Psalms,” he recalls of those initial sessions. “This was the turning point, the line in the sand, to see all the drama come to a close”. It was my chance to find my heart and return to a place of hope, while also returning to the heart of who I am as an artist.” ~ JM
We are blessed {and I mean that with all my heart} to know John and his family personally and witness firsthand the heart for worship and love for the Lord that they all share. John is truly one of the most open and honest men I've met with a desire to help others discover a passion for worship and lead them into TRUE worship.

The album is available through John's site, Lifestyle of Worship, iTunes, or through Amazon {both CD and mp3 format}. John is also easy to find on Facebook and has a few videos there that he's sharing ~ here's a clip of one so you can get a peek!



  1. Thanks, Jolanthe!! I listened to some of it as I was downloading and it sounds great. :) I love new worship music!!

  2. Thanks Jolanthe!!! I downloaded them. Sounds great. :) Tina www.homeschoolblogger.com/momof7kids


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