Friday, May 8, 2009

What Is Your Passion?

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"One needs to be careful that her passion
does not become idolatrous."

p. 139 The Mentoring Mom

Again with the conviction this week. I tried to skim through this chapter {and avoid it}, but all week long it has been coming back to me. Reminding me. Working on me a little at a time.

The Holy Spirit can be persistent like that, eh?

As a mom, I desire to instill passion in my children. A passion for life. A passion for learning. Most importantly, a passion for God.

What am I doing in my life that shows and models that passion to them? When they watch me daily, what do they see and believe is important in my life?

Am I more concerned about the latest email from a friend than I am to help my child with something that might seem inconsequential to me? Is it more important for me to check a blog or update my facebook status, but ignore the fighting of my children and chalk it up to "they need to learn to work it out".

Is there something in my life that I put ahead of even my relationship with God? With others?

And the answer would be a sad and 100% yes.

There are things in my life, passions of mine, that I have allowed to 'take over' and take prominence. Expectations I have set for myself that are not right.

Things that need to change. Passions that need to shift. Boundaries that need to be set ~ and adhered to.

The one quote {p.144, The Mentoring Mom} that has stuck with me this week:
"Do you see evidence of your passion for Jesus in your children? Or does your passion take you toward investing too much time in what is temporal and not enough time in what is spiritual? Maybe it is time for a little fasting from the world and feasting on God."
What is your passion? Is it time for a fast?


  1. I love the thought of "feasting" on God. Enjoy the incredible spiritual abundance of life in Him. Taste the sweetness of a day spent in performing every task, no matter how menial or unpleasant, for His glory and honor. Remember to look forward to dessert - eternity in heaven with Him.

    While I have no children for whom to model, I wonder if others see any passion for Christ in me, or if it's obscured by other things, less valuable and much more temporary. Thanks so much for this reminder to feast on Him rather than the world - and to let it show!

  2. I just read a chapter about how we need to model godliness to our children if we want them to live godly lives. We can't just expect it to happen with all the influences of the world. That's a great thought, to reflect on our passion. Our kids definitely need to see what/who it is we live for. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. I am right there with you Jolanthe. I use the internet as a life line way too much. I want to set better limits. Things are getting better, but there is still room for improvement. :) I think I'm going to have to check that book out! Thank you!

  4. Alright now, I am going to HAVE to read this book! I just posted about something yesterday ( that goes right along with your post here. Man, it is tough to swallow when the Lord convicts us, but it is so needed and so good b/c He is getting us back on the right track!

  5. what a great post! Thanks! That book sounds great. You're right self examination is tough but oh so worth the outcome.
    My constant prayer is that God would cover my children inspite of my example. Thanks for encouraging me to be a better model.
    Have a great weekend!
    Lydia Cate

  6. well, that was direct. and right on. i am constantly reminded gently by God that my priorities need to line up with His. somehow He always allows for me to find time to do what is "fun" to me, without sacrificing that which is my passion. He's so good like that. when i give Him control that is...He can only work with a free will.

  7. Ouch! I needed to hear that. I didn't *want* to hear that, but I needed to hear it.

    Now, to take the next step and go beyond simply hearing, but actually taking action, as well.

  8. Talk about a timely reminder. Sadly, my kids probably HAVE been seeing me on the computer more than they've seen me directly involved in their learning.

    Time to start making sure that my actions show my passions.


  9. This is such a great post! I often wonder what signal I am sending to my children when I say "in a minute", and a minute turns to 20, or worse, an hour!

    Thanks for the challenging thoughts.

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Talk about conviction! I'll put that book in my cart! Great post!

  11. I have been backsliding spiritually also, but today I set some time aside to do a devotional that I started about a month ago, and I actually sat down and talked to God. After that I felt much better. I am going to go back to church and start reading the Bible again. I like the idea of fasting from the world and feasting on God. Thanks for being so honest in this post. I have a big passion for reading fantasy books, and I've let that override my passion for God.

  12. Thank you for your thots...sometimes it is difficukt to get the right balance.

  13. Ouch indeed. That first quote pretty much sums up why I felt the need to take an indefinite break from blogging, it was my passion but definitely had the potential to become an idol.

    I think I need to check out this book, it sounds really great.

  14. ooooo - that's good. That's really good. That's just what I needed to hear right now too.
    Thanks Jo.

  15. Zing - just what I needed to hear. I have been working hard to stay off the computer more and more...but...I need to really be more committed to staying. Thanks for the reminder. It was definitely something I needed to hear.

  16. OK, I needed to hear that. Thanks for my lesson.
    Is late Saturday night too late for coffee?
    Have a great weekend!

  17. Thanks for the good reminder. I fear I'm all too guilty of getting my priorities in the wrong order.

    Hope you had a pleasant weekend.

    Best wishes,

  18. I need to get this book - WOW!

    I needed to hear that as I continue to find "balance" This is a hard time period for me with the exhaustion...yet what do I stay up too late doing? Uh...not pursuing God...

    I have been more committed to my quiet time - thanks for your continual reminders and inspiration!

  19. Hello! Saw your post on another bloggers sidebar and the title caught my attention. Well said! I continually struggle with priorities and have to make it a daily prayer and commitment to stay in line with God's will and direction for my life!

  20. Thanks for sharing!! I think I go through periods where I look at my activities and see if they are in line with my soul's desires. yes, I spend a lot of free time on the computer, and there are times when I need to FAST and draw near to feast on the Lord.


  21. I'm still over here reading through your old blogs posts : ) After those convicting quotes, I knew I had to have that book. I was thrilled to find it on PaperBack Swap, I really didn't need to spend $$ on another book, but I've got lots of PBS credits! Another book I love that works along these lines is Idols of the Heart by Elyse Fitzpatrick. Thanks for sharing transparently.


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