Friday, May 22, 2009

Obedience and the Bathing Suit

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Both of our girls got a new suit for the season. One of my daughter's was a little irritated with the tag in the back of the bathing suit and wanted it cut out.

Right now.

Since it was 61 degrees outside and we were in the middle of schoolwork when she asked, I opted for the "I'll take care of it later" speech, knowing all the repercussions involved in getting a tag properly cut out of clothing without major issues.

Apparently that wasn't soon enough for her. Of course I only found that out after hearing the 'Uh-oh' and the cries of 'There's a hole in my bathing suit!!! I didn't mean to! I didn't know it would make a hole!"

I lost it. Came unglued. Because we'd had the conversation about 'letting me take care of it' not 10 minutes before. I knew what would happen if she tried to do it on her own. Knew that I needed to take care of it for her. But she chose to disobey.

Later in the day as I was sitting {still fuming thankyouverymuch} I was reminded of a passage that I've been reading and studying about in 1 Samuel 15:1-29 where Saul disobeyed God's instructions to wipe out the Amalekites completely. Instead he spared the king and the best of the livestock.

Saul was given specific instructions to take care of the Amalekites. But he thought he knew better. He was sure that it was fine to spare some of the livestock to use as a sacrifice to God ~ "but to obey is better than sacrifice" {vs.22}. God had a reason for asking Saul to take care of every single thing. He was able to see the bigger picture. But Saul thought he knew better and had a better plan.

Saul's plan resulted in his rejection as king, his eventual death, and years down the road the entire Jewish nation being put at risk due to a man known as Haman ~ an Amalekite. Saul had the chance to nip it in the bud with obedience. To take care of it when he was asked to, but he chose to do it his own way and the Jews were almost wiped out as a nation.

If he just would have obeyed when he was asked to, how different would things have turned out?

As I look at that hole in the bathing suit during this swim season it will remind me daily of the importance of obedience. Instead of digging in my heels, crying for my own way and taking matters into my own hands I want so desperately to please my King. To follow Him in obedience ~ and let go of rebellion that remains in my heart.

See what a little tiny hole can lead to?


  1. Thanks so much for this lesson, Jolanthe. It is helping me this morning, to know I need to trust and obey the Lord in everything, and what serious and far-reaching consequences disobedience can have.

  2. Oh my, how many times have I done that and not just as a kid! An important lesson for anybody to learn.

  3. A lesson I need reminding of all too frequently! Thanks!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Thanks for the lesson!
    I could see one of mine doing the same thing. I can see myself doing the same thing, but as adults disobedience leads to greater problems than a hole in your new swimsuit.
    Have a great day!
    Curious, as a homeschool family, will you take the summer off or continue with school work over the summer?

  5. What a great lesson! I have been trying to be more obedient to what I hear the Lord telling me to do. It's HARD at times when my rebellious heart wants to do it my own way. Have a great weekend!

  6. How true - what a great lesson.

    Did you share that with her?

  7. I just gasped a little when you said there was a hole. Oh no! But I guess there is a lesson to be learned by all of us from that. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Great post!! I really liked your connection to Saul. And it was a very good lesson. :)

  9. Wonderful story with a great lesson! Thanks so much for sharing. Thanks also for the coffee!

  10. I had a similar situation w/my daughter and a brand new top...I wasn't impressed either......I guess we all have our moments.

  11. Thanks for sharing this story! We always have a virtue of the month for kids' church and this month is obedience. It's been very trying at times, but I have been working with my kids, trying to be very consistent so they know that it is very important to obey us as parents. I have also been learning myself how important it is to listen and obey God.

    Did you learn about the connection between the Amalakites and Haman from the Beth Moore study of Esther? If not, you should hear her preach it! :)

    Have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by for coffee this week!

  12. oo what a great lesson! I totally would have still been fuming as well. I am glad you were able to it into something good!

  13. I just happened upon your blog tonight by way of a friend's email with links and I'm so glad I did. :) I find myself trying to explain the importance of obedience to my 6 year old sometimes and find myself knee-deep in a conversation about how some people who don't obey the law end up in prison and some people end up losing their jobs's somewhere in there that I end up realizing I'm perhaps in too deep for a 6 year old, but I tell him I want to learn now instead of later...then try to make it less "heavy" by joking and telling him stories about how there once was a man who hadn't obeyed when he was told to brush his his teeth fell out and he had breath that made everyone fall over.... :) It gets lots of giggles. ....but after reading this I'm thinking maybe I need to get less lost in the teaching sometimes and BE the student! :)


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