Monday, April 27, 2009

Fit for a Cat

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Tuna is not something that I generally cook with. As best as I can remember, I don't think that I've ever served anything containing tuna to the kiddos in the 4 and under category.

I really dislike it that much.

Not so much the tuna, but the smell of the tuna {and the thought of it right now is making me ill}. Of course, it could be because I actually can smell it at the moment since I caved and used it in a meal tonight.

Amazingly, it was going over pretty well with the kids. Mainly because I didn't tell them what was in the meal {'cause I'm smart like that}. Just served it and tempted them with the thought of pudding for dessert.

After Laurianna was finished with her own food, she let everyone know the TRUE ingredients ~ a.k.a. tuna was involved.

"TUNA???" McKenna immediately dropped her fork. "YUCK! Tuna is for CATS!!"

And right now, because of the smell in my house...I would have to agree with the girl.

The neighborhood cats might just have a little smorgasbord tonight.


  1. Ewe! You feed your children cat food? What kind of mother are you? ...what a priceless reaction on McKenna's part! My kids actually love tuna salad...the weirdos!

  2. Ha ha ha! I guess I won't be sharing my wicked amazing tuna casserole recipe with you.

  3. oo love Tuna! However, the smell can be a little much! The dog will eat it instead of dog food in a pinch.. just an fyi ;-)


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