Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm Not Partial or Anything

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We survived Easter pictures without one major meltdown.

From the parents even.

AND we managed to get a great picture of all of our children. You know - the one where they all look at the camera at the same time. We did have to resort to having Rick be completely goofy behind me to accomplish it ~ but it is done!!

Of course, I happen to think I have some fairly photogenic and super~cute kids too! {Feel free to agree with me...}

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Now off to make some prints and update the pictures around the house!


  1. They ARE cute! I totally agree with you.;-)

  2. I'll agree ~ they are ADORABLE! And you're very good with the camera! The pictures turned out so great!

  3. Wow those turned out great! The kids look adorable :-) The one of Kaleb at the bottom is super sweet!

  4. Really great pictures! It's a nice bonus that you have beautiful green grass at Easter! Our Easter was very windy & cold up here....

  5. Very cute kiddos! Glad you had a nice Easter.

  6. Very beautiful kids, indeed. You should be very proud of them. It's great that they have each other also, that they have the chance to grow among friends and learn how to communicate and socialize.

  7. What adorable kids you have! I have 2 and have always wanted 3 but was on bed rest for both kids and everytime I think about a third I wonder Is it more difficult with 3? Is it harder to go to public places? To travel? Would I be on bed rest again? I know it is in God's hands but I still wonder.


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