Saturday, April 4, 2009

On My Nightstand: April Week 1

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What's On Your Nightstand

That fiction is flying, I tell ya! Thanks to a nice plane ride down to Puerto Rico, a rainy day without a car, and then just plain quiet...I polished off 5 books in 3 days. And as I'm pulling together this list from the last 2 weeks I rather surprised to see that I read 8 books! That little fact just amazes me - I know I didn't have any kiddos with me for some of that time, but it's been a loooooong time since I've focused that much attention on reading!

Pure heaven!

I even managed to delve a little into a non-fiction book (can you believe it?).

Here are the books that I've read in the last 2 weeks:

~ The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks. This is probably one of the books I've enjoyed the most lately by Nicholas Sparks. Not sure why exactly, but it wasn't quite as predictable as some of his others.

~ A Bend in the Road by Nicholas Sparks. Quick read but a bit predictable - doesn't mean I didn't like it!

~ The Choice by Nicholas Sparks. Ok, I take it back. I really enjoyed this one even more than the other two {grins}. But another quick read for vacation

~ Blue Shoes and Happiness and The Good Husband of Zebra Drive by Alexander McCall Smith. These two are the seventh and eighth book in the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series. If you haven't read any of them, I would really recommend them to you. The books take place in Botswana and although they involve various mysteries, they are much more about the lives and adventures of the various characters. I still have 2 more to read in this series and then I will look into some of his other series too since I've enjoyed these so much!

~ The Butterfly Farm by Diane Noble. Interesting read, but not necessarily one of my favorites. I will look into some of her other books because I do like her style of writing....just the story line was a bit far-fetched in this one. :)

~ Twilight and New Moon by Stephanie Meyer. These books seemed so intimidating size-wise but I polished one off on our plane trip down to Puerto Rico. And then quickly hurried to the library for the next one. There are still two more in the series and now I just need to wait til the library gets them in! I wasn't too sure about the whole vampire thing, but I am liking them a lot (for me, not my kids :).

Be sure to visit 5 Minutes for Books and their monthly meme called "What's on Your Nightstand?"

Here's the current stack next to my bed (and if the library know there will be another one or two added to the pile!):

  • Daisy Chain - Mary DeMuth
  • Grace Based Parenting - Dr. Tim Kimmel
  • Finding Favor with the King: Daily Inspirations- Tenney
  • Finding Favor with the King - Tenney

What books have you found recently that you are enjoying? (Like I need any other distractions!!)


  1. wow you have been knocking out those fiction books! Im about to email you a questions about tomorrow just a heads up :-)

  2. 5 books in 3 days? You must've been kidless and husbandless! I can't figure out any other way to finish that many books in such little time. Looks like you're a Sparks fan. My daughter is reading one for her online college class right now.

    Mimi B
    Woven by Words

  3. If you have cable I would totally recommend checking out the BBC series on the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency. HBO just started airing it last week (Sunday nights). Gorgeous, gorgeous scenery and amazing acting it really captures the feel of the books. (Although I believe they are picking and mixing cases from different books, so it may spoil some endings for you.) If you don't have cable, it appears that you can watch the most recent episode on the BBC site although it isn't working for me right now (and BBC is further along into the series).

    Ok, um, you wanted to know about BOOKS though!

    Right now I'm enjoying Simple Prosperity: Finding Real Wealth in a Sustainable Lifestyle by David Wann. There's a bit of a New-Agey "All are one" tone at places in the book, but at the heart of what he's saying are principles that line up squarely with those in the Bible.

    Another book that I haven't started yet is "The Case for Make Believe: Saving Play in a Commercialized World" by Susan Linn. Hmm. There seems to be a theme emerging here!

    I also just finished "Cry in the Night" by Colleen Coble, the most recent in her Rock Harbor series. So far I have enjoyed everything I've read by her.

  4. Hey, I have the twilights series of books. I'll bring you the next few on Sunday!


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