Monday, April 20, 2009

The T-Rex Meets Polly

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It's all about playing fair in toyland.

The girls have had their fun dressing Zachary up as a princess and parading him around the house, so it was about time that the tables were turned. And in all truth, it's amazing that Polly Pocket wasn't introduced to more of the boy's toys earlier.

Or should I say ingested by more of the boy's toys.

Little Polly was playing innocently enough when a pterodactyl swooped in for an early dinner.

Fortunately, one of her friends was around to rescue her and had some rope handy to tie the pterodactyl up.

Unbeknownst to her, the T-Rex was lurking ~ waiting for the perfect moment.

Poor Polly. She should have stayed around the leafeaters.


  1. LOL to funny! I hope Polly Pocket lived to see another day of attacks ;-)

  2. My problem is that our view on things is lopsided - we have five boys and no girls (yet). Poor Polly wouldn't have fared so well at my house...

    Number six is on the way, but we won't know until delivery (September) if there will be more estrogen in our lives :)

  3. Admit it ... you were encouraging your son, weren't you.



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