Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bubblegum Flavoring Makes it All Better

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Yesterday morning we discovered something new about McKenna. She's apparently developed an allergy to amoxicillin. We can now add her name (along with Kaleb's) to the list. She's never had any adverse reactions before, but I think today she pretty well proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that she can't touch the stuff anymore.

It all started out innocently enough with just a few little spots yesterday and we thought we were in the clear until she woke up this morning looking ever-so-pitiful.

And being the camera-happy mother that I am (and to send some pictures to Daddy who is away on another business trip), I made the poor child stand and pose for me (and all the world) to see. Sadly, as today progressed, her face only became more red ~ although the swelling did go down quite a bit.

Then there are her poor little legs. This morning she didn't want to walk around the house because the rash is even on the bottom of her feet and it hurt her.

Tonight after she talked to Daddy on the phone I found her writing notebook on the couch and was flipping through it. Today was noteworthy enough to journal about:
My medisin I'm takinge taste like bublegum. I like it a lot it is delishes. I'm going to have some tonite. I was talking to Daddy on the phon and I told him my medisin taste like bublegum. he said cool. I said thank you he said your welcome and then I told him I love you and goodby and gave the phon to Laurianna.
The shot she had to get must have been too traumatic to mention and she's created a mental block on that one.

But it's all ok ~ the medicine tastes like bubblegum.


  1. that face is just breaking my heart! praying for a better day tomorrow!

  2. OOOO poor McKenna.. I too am allergic to amoxicillin.. I sure hope she feels better real soon! Those legs make me itch!

  3. Oh, bless her little heart! That looks painful. I love the journal entry. :)

  4. I giggled reading her 'journal entry' - it was adorable! I needed something cute like that to read tonight!

    My son is allergic to amox. too. We found out on Christmas morning 2 years ago. We had to take a trip the ER for steroids it got so bad. :(

    Hope she feeling better.


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