Monday, April 13, 2009

Manuals Should Come Standard

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I know this isn't a new concept. But I am of the firm belief that there should be some sort of specific instruction manual to deal with 4-year-olds.

Ok. Really any-year-olds.

You know why too. Because I'm sure that in your experience as a parent you have had multiple moments that you can look back and groan, wince, or just cry because of things your children have done. Or said.

And you were too numb with shock to know how to handle it quickly and effectively.

That would be the time that it would be nice to whip out THE MANUAL, flip to page 327 and read how you as a parent can run damage control on the situation.


Without feeling the need to find a large, gaping hole in the ground to swallow you whole.

There are instances when I try to steer clear of impending danger ~ when I can forsee something that might possibly turn into an embarrassing situation. Then there are times when I am completely broadsided and can only grasp frantically for something, anything, to cover the faux pas of my children.

Not making the situation worse {because I'm famous for that too}.

Like when you child states an something completely obvious to everyone, but something that you just don't talk about or say...still they are just wondering.

OUT LOUD. For all the world to hear.

Because how in the world am I supposed to react when my child blurts out: "Why are your teeth all rotten and brown?"

Do you know what page in THE MANUAL that is covered?


  1. oo no thats tough.. I def. think there needs to be a manual. I will make sure I brush my teeth before I come over next time ;-)

  2. Okay, I just looked it up in the manual and it actually says, " dig hole, insert self." So you have it covered.

  3. Love your blog, JoJo. Miss you. Check me out at not as exciting as yours, but a bit of my journey.

    What beautiful children !!!

  4. i am with Kaycee - dig faster than you have ever dug before!!! I am still laughing and praisingt he Lord - loudly - that it wasnt me and that I dont have brown and rotten teeth!!!


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