Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Sunset

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From 11-2008


  1. I love the moon with the backdrop of beautiful colors. Way to capture it.

  2. I have a moon shot on my WW but not nearly as beautiful!

  3. Beautiful sunset! Your family is so pretty (sidebar). Nice site!

  4. Just wanted to say that we really enjoyed your Loaded BBQ Potato casserole last night! And I divided it into 2 dishes, so we have one waiting on us in the freezer:)

  5. You're getting rather good with that camera!! Talented lady, you are!

  6. What a pretty picture. This may sound silly, but I've never been one to let that stop me from telling a story... When I was a little girl, I remember looking at a lovely sky like that and seeing a tiny little sliver of moon peeking down at me. One of my Grandparents friends (I don't remember which one) said to me, "Oh look, God has been trimming his toe nails again." and he pointed at the moon. To this day, whenever I see a little sliver of the moon, that pops into my head and each time, it makes me smile.


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