Friday, November 28, 2008

$42 For Oil + a $20 Turkey = Isn't Going to Happen

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While many of you may be relaxing in a turkey-induced stupor after your Thanksgiving celebrations, our family will getting together this Saturday.

Somehow I am going to manage fitting 22 people in my dining room/living room without having anyone sitting outside in the cold.


I'm just about ready. Only a few more things to pick up at Costco tomorrow (since I figured that might be the one safe place to go on the most-wretched-of-all-shopping-days).

And we are extremely blessed to have some lovely neighbors that are going to let us stuff some of the over-abundance of food we are preparing into their oven. We were planning on deep frying our turkey until I went to Walmart to buy the peanut oil and had to spend $42 JUST FOR THE OIL.

Seriously? I already spent $20 on the turkey and somehow spending $62 for a dead bird just doesn't seem right. So it's on to plan B. The oven baked birdie.

Not that I'm cheep or anything.


  1. :-O

    That better have been a barrel of peanut oil if they were asking for $42.


    Happy Thanksgiving Weekend.

  2. how was the oven cooked turkey??? the whole frying thing is overrated anyways - unless someone else is doing it and paying for the oil!!!

  3. I hope Thanksgiving turned out well :-) I am with you a $62 turkey seems over kill. How did it all go?

  4. Oh wow. $62 just to serve a turkey? Nope; I'd be roasting too.

    Cheep. Heh!


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