Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Because I Think They are Cute

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  1. They're getting so big! (Classic line, I know.) And they're definitely cuties. I'm glad you shared the pictures. :)

  2. Yeah, not bad. Wait till my boys come on the scene though. I will top you like I do in Word Twist. :)

  3. They are such great pics Jo!!!!! I LOVE Laurianna's toothless smile. Precious!

  4. "Because I think they are cute"

    So do I.

  5. Great pictures! You have a nice camera. :D

  6. So I had to comment on this one...they are so adorable - what great shots!

    1 - have fun this weekend!

    2 - LOVE the look! Great color scheme and I love the picture you picked! PErfectly you...well, the you I know.

  7. Your children are adorable!! I stopped by to comment when I saw that you are nominated for a homeschool blog award too! :)



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