Thursday, November 20, 2008

Finding my Groove

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In addition to my Internet Explorer being on the fritz with Blogger, finding time to blog has been a little more difficult lately.

Why? (thanks for asking)

- My hubby has been working looooong hours at his job, so time spent actually with my eyes on him is precious indeed. Today I actually had the opportunity to have a conversation with him that lasted more than 6.8 seconds. And I'm or hubby? Hmmm....

- Our house has taken on some new tenants of the human variety (and one of the canine too). My parents sold their house and have moved here. Until they find a house, our spare room and basement have become their temporary quarters. They know we are more than happy to have them here...and hopefully Rick's work will allow us to have a date (or two) now that we have live-in childcare!!

- and I just realized that Thanksgiving is only ONE WEEK AWAY people!! And dinner is at our house this year - so YIKES!! Rick's family is coming and it'll be fun - but I need to get crackin' on some planning!

The sum-up of it is - I'm just trying to figure out a new "groove" of sorts. One that incorporates all the new changes in the house and has wiggle room around these new bodies and schedules....and life.


  1. IT's neat that your parents will be living closer to you now.

    I'm still trying to find my groove too. But I'm sure once I find it things will change again!

    Happy Friday!

  2. I ran into Rick at the grocery store yesterday evening. Glad you got to have a conversation with him! Good luck finding the Grove I know that can be tough at times :-) You should try using firefox instead of IE :-)


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