Saturday, November 22, 2008

Breaking the Law

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Want to know how I'll be spending my Monday morning? I'm sure you'll want to join me.

D-M-V. I'll be picking a number, lining up, waiting (and waiting and waiting) and begging for mercy.

My license apparently expired. SIX MONTHS AGO.


Here's to hoping I don't have to retake the written test. Lord help me if I do. But on the bright side, I have another shot at a cheesy picture to carry around for the next eight years.

The bigger question is - can you drive yourself to the DMV if your license is expired? *grins*


  1. Oh No!!! We renewed our driver licenses last year. I really hate the long wait!!!

    Good luck!

  2. :-O and *giggle*

    You probably won't want to do that.

    btw ... I used to cover court for our local paper. I have actually seen someone show up to court, drunk -- for a DWI hearing.

    All the best. :-D

  3. I did it in September :) whoops. Make sure you take your birth certificate.....learned that the hard way too!

  4. Take the kids with you. Consider it an object lesson ..."and this is why it has been 6 months." Pan to kids running wild through the DMV.

  5. Hey lady...just FYI... you can check your wait time ON-LINE BEFORE you go to DMV...that may or may not help you...but wanted you to know this little bit of trivia... :)
    Hope Aaron J doesn't get to you before you get to DMV! hahaha

  6. oh no, oops huh? I did that once and I ended up having to take the whole day off to wait in line for four hours at the DMV. That was when we lived in MS and you pretty much needed a DNA sample to get a license.


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