Monday, November 17, 2008

The Christmas Countdown

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I have to admit it.

The fact that Christmas music has been playing on the radio and in store and we haven't even hit Thanksgiving yet, people, is a little disturbing to me.

It's not that I don't enjoy the holiday season, but could we just enjoy the fact that fall is really here? Get ourselves stuffed silly with turkey and pie and then pull out all the holiday cheer?

With that said, there has been much talk about Christmas presents around here. And since my hubby has already purchased his own present (ahem!!) the talk has turned to what is on my list. And while I have a few some new photoshop software...I'm curious as to what YOU all have on your lists.

Care to share?


  1. hmm that is the question in our house as well.. I have a wish list at barnes and noble.. and I want some slippers.. other than that Im not sure.

  2. I have some books and CDs on my list. Also I want a breadmaker so my house can smell like fresh baked bread with minimal fuss. And an electric pencil sharpener. Our crank sharpener eats pencils. If anyone would buy me new underwear, that would be on my list too! I've already bought most of the presents for people on my list. I try to do that early so I can relax and enjoy December without all the rush. Of course, I still have to do the Christmas cards.

  3. ohh... I'm overwhelmed just thinking about Christmas shopping.. :) I haven't a clue what I want yet. But you've got me thinking!!

  4. Can I just ask for two healthy boys this year?? That is ALL I need! :) The bread maker mentioned above though does sound pretty wonderful. Okay, two healthy boys and a bread maker...and that's all I need!

  5. Tom and I aren't buying for one another this year, but I am still dreaming of a few new lenses and a bigger camera bag.

  6. i want a laptop - just a small one - so I can blog and digital scrap anywhere and everywhere!!!
    or a cordless rechargeable vacuum sweeper thing - i got one last year and my littlest angel broke the handle and I have been mourning it's loss for quite some time now!!


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