Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fascinating, yet mildly creepy...

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I picked up a game at Walmart today since it was on sale (and I've been wanting to get it for awhile, so it was a great excuse!).

The game? 20 Questions. Fits in the palm of your hand and the little computer inside asks you a series of questions. You answer with either "yes, no, sometimes, or unknown" and it whittles down the possibilites to give you an answer that is more often than not correct.

And we've all been having with it all day long. Trying to stump it and yet oddly fascinated and mildly creeped out at how ACCURATE this little sucker can be.

I mean seriously. We tried to confuse it. But it figured out: Christmas tree, license plate, peacock, ceiling fan, moose, necklace, and a whole other slew of words.

It's like someone was secretly sitting in right near us and listening in on our conversation.

Granted we did fool it once. It couldn't come up with "baby". Instead it chose "butt." Not really sure how that happened, but we did get a good laugh out of it.

And then played again and again and again.

Cheap entertainment, I tell ya.


  1. Those things are addicitng! My mom has one and all of us "kids" are always trying to beat it...rarely happens. But boy when we do, you'd think we just outwitted Einstein himself. :) Amazing, it's a piece of plastic and a battery for crying out loud! LOL Makes me want to go buy one...

  2. aww cool. I wondered how well it worked. Love the new design. You did such a great job :-)

  3. It came up with the word "butt"?




  4. Oh no! You're hooked! I'm blaming it on Tina. We too have been playing it way too much this week.

  5. You're right! It's fun, but a little creepy. We bought this game too and it's funny to see what it comes up with - usually accurate too!

  6. This thing is cool! I tried to outsmart it by making it guess tampon, and guess what? It did! LOL! I am such a juvenile.

  7. Yep, we got one o'them last xmas. Big brother bought it for his sister..also have the jr. edition...I think it is fun to think of something it cannot guess...ever tried the Holy Spirit???


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