Wednesday, November 12, 2008

In My Rearview Mirror

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***We preface this posting with a notice that at no time was the vehicle in motion while the camera was in use. I repeat: NOT IN MOTION, aside from typical toddler actions and antics***

I spent the majority of my drive to the children's museum the other day looking at this in my rearview mirror:

From 11-2008

You, of course, are missing out on the noise factor of a little boy who pretended the entire way (even when we stopped for gas) that he was riding on a roller coaster.

Good times.

I was also thrilled to look out my window to this lovely sight - not for the coffee bar, but the price for a little pick-me-up for my van.

From 11-2008

Makes me want to just leave my van running for the fun of it or drive around the parking lot a few extra times just 'cause I can.


  1. $1.87 a gallon here! WOOOHOOO!!!


  2. OOO my.. when I saw the picture I was thinking he was singing praise music! But a roller coaster sounds even more loud! I gave you an award over at my blog :-)

  3. I love the gas price update! I'm waiting for it to come down up here in the northern cold country.;-)

    Your kids are a riot — constant motion and fun all around!!

  4. My children love doing the roller coaster thing in the van also...although, luckily, they only do it on the downhill side.

  5. I thought only my little girl did that!! She raises her arms and screams every time we cross railroad tracks:) Very cute! Sometimes I just have to join her:)

    Gas around here is running around $1.69! Hubby filled his tank for $17, from almost empty:) It felt good instead of depressing for once!

  6. My boys do that too whenever we go up and down a hill. Fortunately, this is South Dakota, we only have about two hills. ;) OK, not quite that flat (at least not our area) but not as many hills as you have!

  7. I used to take care of a little boy who insisted the car was really a pirate ship. It was really cute. If we were on a bumpy road, he's yell out orders for his "crew" to prepare the sails for a mighty storm. It's hard to believe he's in high school now.

    The gas on Long Island has not dropped as much as yours. I never would have guessed that I'd be saying, "Wow, only 2.35 a gallon!"

  8. and even more happiness - it droped to 1.89 today!!

  9. and even more happiness - it droped to 1.89 today!!

  10. I personally love Zachary's approach to life - make the most of it and enjoy the ride. I absolutely love that picture of him! I also love the fact that Kaleb doesn't seem bothered by it. :)

    And I am thanking God every time I fill up!


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