Monday, November 30, 2009

Scared Awake

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A few weeks ago I broke a tie with something that I've had for the past 20 years. I'd been putting it off for months...okay, years really, and finally maneuvered my way around the aisles of Walmart to buy myself a replacement.

What did I hold so dearly? My alarm clock.

Dumb, I know, but I've had that clock since high school and sadly, it looked like it had been in my possession that long. Somewhere along the way pieces of it had broken off and it was really more of an eyesore than a working object.

The problem? I'm now under the firm opinion that Walmart needs to have a 'testing' area where you can try out a few of the clock's features before bringing home your new little one.

A few days ago I set the alarm for the first time and I'm not kidding you when I say that I almost fell out of bed when the alarm went off. I could seriously have the clock in our basement and hear it perfectly well when the alarm goes off. Even if all the doors were shut.

It is THAT loud.

Usually Rick wakes me up in the morning, but on the mornings when he goes into work early, I'm really not all that interested in being scared awake. Truly.

And if that isn't bad enough, the alarm has started going off even when it's not SET. It's all a little freaky if you ask me.

Apparently I wasted that whopping $5.97 that I spent. Before you say it, I know...I went all crazy-like buying the best, so what do I expect?

I expect I'll be taking another trip to the store today and finding myself a new addition for my nightstand....and probably spending a little more money this time around.


  1. I had a roommate in college whose alarm clock sounded like the fire alarm in our hall. It was that loud too.

    Hope you find an alarm clock with a more soothing sound. :-D

  2. We have ours set to "radio" so the radio plays instead of the obnoxious "Brap, brap, brap." However, my DH likes to set it to go off at LEAST 45 min. before he REALLY has to get out of bed, so I wake up every 9 minutes to say "PLEASE hit the snooze button!!" (or it just goes on and on...) until it's time for me to say "Hey, you need to get up!" Haha, we'll see how long that lasts once the baby comes :P

  3. LOL Sammy likes to adjust ours. we have woken up a few times like that! We now check it before bed. Her eis the one we have:

    2 alarms and adjustable volume.. I must wake up to the radio or I'm grumpy.. We got ours at target.

  4. lol. Completely agree that you should be able to test them. We had an alarm clock like that - frightening! - it didn't last long in our home!

  5. Being scared awake is NOT cool. I need a soft and gentle rise and shine. I hope you find something soon.

  6. if you only knew how much i can relate to this. we also have an alarm clock that has been in my husbands possession since high school. it has seen way better days. my parents, feeling sorry for us, have offered over and over to replace it.

    but it still works. and we like. and your post confirmed that we will not be getting rid of it until the last light flickers and dies :0)

  7. I LOVE this post, and everyone's comments. I thought we were the only ones: my husband and I both have had our alarm clocks since high school & college! They are mismatching eye sores... but they're our babies! I never even considered that they might die one day!

    And like one of your commenters, our sons play with ours as well, which makes for interesting wake-up calls.

  8. That is hilarious! You are so right about having a test area for those!

  9. Great story!!

    I don't like alarm clocks, and thankfully haven't needed one for about 4 years. My four year old loves getting up early at the crack of dawn. I haven't slept in in years. My friends say that will change soon...we'll see.

    Good luck searching for a less loud one.

  10. Ahh! Don't you hate that?? My mom has clung to her trusty alarm clock for years. I swear the thing is older than I am. Now I understand why. I use my phone as my alarm, and its quietest setting is still alarmingly loud (no pun intended, lol). I need to bury it beneath 2 pillows so as to avoid the risk of a heart attack in the morning, heehee.

    Here's hoping you'll find a quieter alarm!

    - Sam

  11. It's the exact reason why I keep the boxes and test the alarm sounds as soon as I get home. At least you can return to walmart!


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