Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Blizzards Protect Your Skin

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We were on our way through some lovely farmland last week and I had the windows cracked open for the boys. It was definitely farm-fresh smelling.

Zachary was making hilarious sniffing and gagging noises in the backseat and then said, "Ewww!! That cow maneuver stinks!"


Zachary burned his hand last week on the stovetop ~ obviously so, because he had the lovely ring-shaped blisters on the palm of his hand to prove it. Getting him NOT to pick at them was a little difficult and I tried to explain to him that the blisters protect his new skin underneath.

A little later in the day he was staring at his hand and examining it and asked me, "Mom? How do blizzards help your skin grow?"

It was just so sweet...

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She's got a great new look today too!


  1. Poor Zachary, I hope his hand feels better. His words are so sweet as usual.

  2. hehe those are too funny!

  3. Your kids always have the best things to say!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. Upon first reading of the title I thought the kids were trying to talk you into a DQ Blizzard, he he. Poor boy, hope his hand feels better.

  5. Maybe a dq blizzard would help. Your kids are so cute and funny.

  6. (Are the legs in the picture now your kids?)

  7. Yes, she does have a great new look ;) woo hoo!

    Ya'll have a starbucks near you? Just asking...

    OH - and that Zachary...he's a hoot! Hope his hand feels better.


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