Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Complimenting the Inner Mii

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The kids have discovered that they can change their Mii’s on the Wii console and have been having a blast changing everything on their little look-alikes and making them more like little wanna-be’s.

Laurianna was fiddling around with hers and the kids were ooh-ing and aah-ing over her choices. Zachary so sweetly said to Laurianna ~ “Laurianna, you look really pretty with eye shadow on.”

Just made me laugh out loud because it’s a Mii! :)

Zachary came running into the kitchen the other day all excited.

“Mom! Did you know my underwear has pockets???”

He then proceeded to drop his pants and show me the ‘pocket’ in his underwear.

And I tried ever-so-hard not to laugh.

Especially since the boy has been wearing underwear for over TWO YEARS and just realized the ‘pockets’ were there.

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  1. The innocence of a child...I anticipate all of the things my little boy will say...

  2. Oh my - I am so not ready for boys :)

    We debated the Wii this year...sometime soon, but probably not yet. Sounds like they are having a blast with it! How fun!

    I hope all is well. I am still pretty MIA from blog world, but love catching up over here!

  3. OH, how funny. Don't ever stop sharing these. I may not comment that often but I always laugh when they show up in my reader. My son is 1...so I laugh with anticipation!

  4. That's funny. Samuel has created three different Miis for himself. They have a couple of similar characteristics like hair and eye color, but he's given himself a gotee on one with sunglasses. If he's playing alone he finds himself sometimes playing himself because one of his three miis gets chosen as the opponent. It's really comical!! :)

  5. LOL.... I was just thinking that I'm not sure if my son knows about his "pocket"!!!

    So funny!!! Oh, to be moms of little boys:)

  6. Underwear pockets - that's great! :)

  7. hehe I love it! Man boys get all the cool stuff (pockets in their underwear, peeing standing up, etc. :-P)

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