Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Passing the Boogie Baton

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On the verge of her seventh birthday, McKenna informed us that she would no longer be picking her nose. In fact, she told us she really hadn't been doing it in quite some time.

Zachary thought this over for a second and then gave his two cents.

Z: "I've decided that I'm going to start picking my nose MORE!"

This was met by groans of disgust from the girls and Zachary was given a mini-lecture by McKenna {aka 'Reformed Nose Picker'} that all he needed to do was run to the bathroom and get a tissue.

Zachary said, "Well, sometimes I try to go get a tissue and then on the way the boogie just starts HURTING my nose and I just have to get it out without a tissue."

I know, I know...too much information...

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  1. In stitches over here! I love "Reformed Nose Picker."

  2. That is priceless! Your children are going to get such a kick out of reading these when they are older.

  3. You know as moms, we all have been there!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. And another one where Zachary leaves us speechless;)

  5. The little rebel--having to do just the opposite of his big sister. :)

  6. hehe oh my goodness this cracked me up!!

  7. I’d note the department of to satisfactorily even with that too!

  8. At least he gets the job done. :)


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