Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Yes, He's a Boy

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When I first held Zachary in my arms a little over five years ago, I never envisioned some of the things that would come out of his mouth just a few years down the road.

You know, the ones where you are involved in a serious conversation with a friend on the phone and there is something that desperately needs to be said to you ~ because it's VERY important!!! Something like this...

"Mom! Mom!"

Please wait!! Mommy is on the phone.

"No, Mom ~ this is so amazing! I went poop in the potty and one was this big {holds hands up very tiny} and one that was THIS HUGE {showing something so impossibly large it was comical}!"

I'm so very, very proud.


  1. Sounds like he and K would be great buds. K is obsessed with describing and SEEING his poop. He comments on whether it's a "snake-a-poop, or a blob-a-poop" and if we cover it with the toilet paper, he freaks out. Oh boys and their poop....

  2. Okay, I just have to say - if there was an award for being the funniest kids, yours would win. All the time. Hehee, love these kinds of posts - I actually look forward to Tiny Talk Tuesday because of your kids, hehee!

    - Sam

  3. oo my goodness this cracked me up!! O the things I have to look forward to ;-)

  4. This cracked me up too. Even my big 3 sons now love to show their huge poops off and leave me surprises!!! (They are full grown men who are doctors for pete sakes!)
    What is it about poop with little boys and big boys alike???
    Okay, maybe this comment was a bit too much info!
    You made me laugh:)

  5. LOL, they always need to tell us these things when we're on the phone!

  6. Another mother told a similar story and all I think to myself is, "Oh my, is this what I have to look forward to?"

  7. That is hilarious! That totally sounds like something R would say, in fact, I think he has!

  8. Too funny! I had to re-read it though. I thought he had brought the huge package to you in his hands the first time I read it. After a second take I am glad to find out it was only a gesture! :)

  9. On the bright side---he's potty-trained and going all by himself!! At least he wasn't waddling out for your to wipe him.

  10. Out of the mouths of babes and all that ... HOOT!


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