Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Withdrawals Maybe

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It's official. The camera is desperately in need of repair which means it needs to be packaged up and sent far, far away to a factory where some nice people can hopefully make it all better.

No backup camera. Nada. Nothing. Zilcho.


In the meantime, what is a mom to do?? That thing is practically attached to me and I do believe that I will go through some type of withdrawal.

What if Zachary does the funniest thing EVER. How in the world can I prove it?

These next three weeks might just break me, people.


  1. aww man thats awful! I have a point and shoot that is decent you could borrow if you would like. It has some issues but it takes decent pictures still.

  2. GOSH...I'm not sure I could make it either!!!

  3. OH NO!! Your camera has to go to the DOCTOR!!!

    If I lived there I'd let you borrow my 2nd camera. Really, I would!

  4. Jolanthe,

    Just to let you know that there are others out here who have felt your pain, and YES, it was very, very painful. I managed through and even got a new camera because mine couldn't be repaired, but the wait time was difficult. Well, so much for an encouraging comment. Let's see how visual you can be w/your words in your posts.


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