Monday, October 5, 2009

Hobbies {Friend Makin' Monday}

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The topic over at Friend Makin' Monday today is 'Hobbies'. What do I like to do? What do I wish I did more of?


  1. Photography. Yep. I like to take pictures for sure. A lot of pictures. You know that you take a lot of pictures when your kids are constantly asking you why you take so many and your husband just sits there and smirks. Our poor computer hard drive. Makes me extremely thankful we have an online backup and a server that keeps track of all the pictures.

  2. Blogging. I know I've mentioned this before, but this is seriously the cheapest form of therapy that I know of. Chocolate is right up there, but that can get rather expensive after awhile. And depressing if I eat too much of it.

  3. Reading. Hand me a fiction book and you might just lose me for awhile. Since I read quickly, it can become a big issue if I'm not careful. I love, love, love to get lost in a good book.

  4. Movies. Period dramas, especially. When I'm working, I like to have something on in the background and generally it's something related to Jane Austen or that time era.
What I wish I did more of:
  1. Sewing. I have a lovely little machine and I used to sew a lot more, but that's taken a BIG backburner now with 4 kids and homeschooling. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that the machine is hidden in the bowels of my basement.

  2. Scrapbooking. I had finally caught up...and let's just say I'm not anywhere close to being caught up now. Partially it's just a matter of having other things that I'm doing right now ~ or want to be doing right now. I figure my blog is keeping track of most everything, so I at least have a great place to get all the info when I do have the time.

  3. Knitting. This is something that I want to actually DO!!! The girls are asking me to teach them, so that would mean I need to actually learn. Does anyone have a good recommendation for a teaching/learning book?

  4. Canning/Freezing. Of course that would involve actually keeping a better garden, so I'm not sure if I'm ready for that ~ but I really would like to do more of it!

What are your hobbies? Or what do you wish you did a little more of? Be sure to visit Amber to hang out and make some new friends!


  1. Oooh, you garden? I'm jealous. That's definitely something I wish I knew how to do! Nice to "meet" you!

  2. Canning? That would be insane. :) Insanely awesome. But I know what you mean about the garden...

    Happy FMM!!

  3. oo I forgot to put gardening on the list! Our lists are pretty similar!

  4. Blogging is great true! I would love to learn to sew, it's on my list. You are great with your photography, keep it up.

  5. Blogging is great true! I would love to learn to sew, it's on my list. You are great with your photography, keep it up.

  6. LOVE our list. Wigh I had the garden to support canning and freezing. I would love to can....

  7. Several years ago I had a friend teach me the basic knit stitch. Everything else I have learned off of the Internet. has a pdf file (booklet) of instructions on learning how to knit. I also learned a lot from I love that site because they have video clips that you can watch to learn. Their clips show the stitches, cast-ons, and techniques from right-handed and left-handed knitters.

    With the help of the Internet, you can definitely learn to knit. I did ... and I graduated from making the basic beginner scarf. :)

  8. I just learned to knit off the internet. I had gone to Hobby Lobby and gotten a basic Knitting and Crocheting for Dummies book that came with a few sets of needles, but I haven't found it to be super helpful. Apparently I learn better by watching someone actually do it and there are thousands of tutorials out there.

    Once you get started, you MUST sign up for! Tons of links to patterns, many of them free.

  9. Great list! I am going to do a crochet tutorial on Thursday! You should come by and check it out! I am your newest follower and hope you will stop by!

  10. great list! What's your favorite books and movie?? I have been trying to find some Jane Austen movies, haven't had much luck other than the one with Keira Knightly in it.

  11. Great list! Blogging is also great for a lagger like me when it comes to scrapbooking. I've already found it so fun & useful in just the past year. I love looking back through posts from last year. There's just certain things in your blog that you wouldn't even have had you scrapbooked it. Ya know? At least for me anyway. I value my blog so much for that.

    I wish I was as into reading as you are. My husband is the same as you. He loves to read. LOVES. He even listens to books on CD during his commute.

    Happy Monday you busy mama!

  12. i didn't put canning on my list but I wholeheartedly agree!

  13. I would love to knit and crochet. Nice to meet you I love FMM

    The Buzz, Brandy

  14. What a great list! We have a lot of things in common, but I forgot to put some of the things you mentioned on my list! like movies!

  15. You have a beautiful blog! I must agree with others that blogging is definitely a great form of therapy! (as is chocolate ;-)

    I hope you get to some of the things on your would like to do list!

  16. It's very obvious photography is one of your hobbies :) Can you recommend good books or video on digital photography?

    Gardening is great theraphy too - good exercise and stress reliever. we used to have a a very nice garden but we convert them to apartments.
    Agree with reading and movies, thats where I learned english.

  17. You have a beautiful family!

    I'd love to learn how to can/ freeze someday too...

  18. I would recommend Youtube to learn to knit, and then Knitting Rules (by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee) and Knitting Without Tears (by Elizabeth Zimmerman) for the best start with basic knitted garments once you have the two basic stitches (knit, and purl) down. Those books are the best. EZ is a classic, and simply cannot be improved on. SP-M, also known as The Yarn Harlot (check out her blog at is hysterical, and that particular book of hers is absolutely fantastic for a beginner. Also, you might consider signing up for Ravelry ( for lots of instant knitting help. But that may be a bit overwhelming. If you have knitting questions, I'd be happy to help!


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