Friday, October 16, 2009

A Call from America's Funniest Videos

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I'm completely serious. I got a call yesterday from America's Funniest Videos about a video of Kaleb eating a cookie I submitted a little bit ago.

Apparently they DO watch all those little clips that you submit online.

I seriously I thought it was a joke when they first called. Quickly realized it wasn't and now we're waiting to hear when we'll see a fun little clip of Kaleb on national tv.

How fun is that?

The kids are thrilled. When we told them who had called, Laurianna's first question was, "Are we going to Hollywood?"

That was then followed by a slew of questions ~ "Will we get to meet Tom?" and my favorite so far: "Will they pay for us to stay in a HOTEL?"

We only know that the video will be on the show at some point in the future {as soon as I submit all the right paperwork tomorrow...}. When we hear anything more, I'll let you know when it will air!

Especially if we get to go to Hollywood or something... {grins}


  1. How cool is that! You will definitely have to keep us posted about this new adventure. How fun!

  2. That's great. We'll look forward to seeing it!

  3. oh how exciting! be sure to keep your readers informed!

  4. How very cool!! Let me know when its on I want to see him on there! O btw.. tell Laurianna I saw her name on the tapestry at the children's museum! She did a great job!

  5. How exciting and fun! We get quite a lot of belly laughs out of that show!

  6. You should post the video on here or at least keep us posted as to when it will air!! How exciting! congrats!!

  7. That is so cool! I hope it all works out, and we get to see it on national TV!


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