Friday, October 30, 2009

Confession #2

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After making our lack of toothpaste and general mouth hygiene known to all mankind, I realized that tomorrow is a day that our kids will come home with bucket-loads of candy from our church's Harvest Party.

If the truth be known, I'll be pilfering at least half of my children's candy stash, assuring them that Kit Kats, Twix and more and really not that tasty ~ in a desperate attempt to distract them from all of my favorites. A few of the kids have gotten wise to us, so we've resorted to buying back their candy by the ounce...and generally throwing most of it away.

But if you happen to see me with a big TP written on my hand, know that I am not off in desperate search of toilet paper.

I'm just going to be proactive in the big sugar rush that is sure to ensue tomorrow.


  1. Very good idea!! Sammy is only doing a little bit of trick or treating then he is handing candy out. Some of his might make it into the bowl ;-)

  2. We usually send the "extra" piles of halloween candy into school the next week for prize box prizes. We also have to thoroughly inspect every piece of candy for suspicious material. Those that raise a red flag are taken away. They tend to be the chocolate ones ... funny, huh? ;)

  3. We're trying something new this year. G5 will get to keep 10 pieces of candy (his choice) then he will leave the rest outside his door. Sometime during the night The Great Pumpkin will trade his candy for a new Lego toy. (Dad will be taking the candy to work, saving both the boy AND my hips. *lol*)

  4. oh the candy here is agonizing!

    We go to a Hallelujah Party instead, but the kids still leave with a bag of candy! Blondie just eats a few pieces and the sit there - torturing me!

  5. LOL, this post cracks me up!
    After we arrive back home, we "inspect" the candy too! EVERY piece of chocolate goes directly into the freezer. The rest is stored until favorites are gone, then we send the rest to work with dad or on to the school prize buckets!

  6. Mmmm...Twix are my favorite too! Then, Kit Kats. Mars are becomming another...I actually sort out candy in three piles...chocolate (for me and Daddy), soft candy/lolipops for the boys, and bummble gum/hard candy to give away. At ages 11 and 9, I still keep hard candy from them!!


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