Thursday, October 8, 2009

And I Thought He Was Quiet

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In the last almost 3 years I have been misguided. Living in a state of disillusionment {or denial}.

I believed that Kaleb was a quiet, laid-back child and have over-excitedly passed along that tidbit to every mother who noticed him silently resting on my shoulder...while his siblings ran around me like wild and crazy children.

The last few weeks, while the older three have been at Awana, Rick and I have been running errands with just Kaleb.

And he will not shut up {and I say that in the sweetest and most loving way}.

There is constant chatter coming from the backseat. LOUD conversation all.the.way through Costco. Non stop communication. Laughter. Giggling. A running dialogue on anything and everything.

He's not quiet after all. Apparently, he's just been living in the shadow of three super-verbal siblings and couldn't get a word in edge-wise.

So he saves it up for his mom and dad and a quiet moment and then just EXPLODES with information.

Who knew? The boy is hilarious!


  1. I think that is so sweet. His moment in the spotlight!

  2. Love your explanation that he couldn't get in a word with his siblings being around. I think this is so classic.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. I'm sure it's so true! Why talk when his siblings will do it for him??! I'm sure he loved having some one on one time!

  4. LOL thats hilarious! I love hearing their little thoughts!

  5. I'm cracking up at this because it sounds exactly like my family! I have 4 kids - ages 9, 7, 4 and 2. The two year old is so easy going. Not at all wild and crazy like her siblings. Until she has us all to herself. Then she's quite the chatterbox.

  6. My Caleb is the 4th sibling and when the others left for college we experienced this same scenario!


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