Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Donation Time

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While we were painting the other day, Zachary looked at me and said, "I think we should sell Kaleb."

"Ok. So who do you think we should sell him too?" I asked.

"The Salvation Army."

"Why should we sell him to the Salvation Army?"

"Well, I don't play with him that much anymore."

So, while he seems to be grasping the concept of giving things away that we don't play with that often, I didn't quite intend for the meaning to extend that far.


Head on over to Mary's for a little more Tiny Talk Tuesday. It's always fun to read the things other little ones are saying!


  1. (snort) I heard Jordan out in the kitchen last night telling Kyle "I have a plan for getting rid of you." That sounds a little more sinister than donating to the Salvation Army though!

    Ah, the trials of being a big brother.

  2. That is funny - and pitiful! :) Sounds like something I would hear around here.

  3. hahahahahhaa....that is hysterical! That made me LOL!!! I LOVE Zachery. What a funy kid.

  4. They always seem ready to rid themselves of the "necessary" things and keep the things that don't really amount to much!!

  5. we ALL laughed here at the shop!!!

    Thanks for bringing merriment to our day :)

  6. OK...that is just TOO funny! :-)

  7. Awwwww...what a sweet guy...making a donation to the SAlvation Army. I bet they don't have an area in the store for that kind of donation.



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