Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Our Little Squatters

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One of my friends called me this morning and wanted to get together. And I truly wanted to.

But the kids just wouldn't cooperate long enough to let me even get one load of laundry started. Started. Not from start to finish. Just collected, put in the washer, soaped up and going.

I sent them outside to play for half an hour. And not even two minutes later someone was screaming. Bubbles had spilled. A few minutes later, someone had stolen one minuscule fruit snack from an other's bowl. Or hit another. Or told another what to do. The cycle just kept going and going. And the laundry didn't even get in the washer.

Zachary managed to also get himself soaking wet, since the wading pool was full of rain and he decided to slide into it. He didn't like being wet, but I made him stay in his clothes to play in the meantime. A few minutes later, Laurianna came running inside to let me know that Zachary was running around the backyard completely naked.

Shocking, I know.

Before I could get his clothes back on, he started yelling he had to pee NOW (which he did!!) so with lack of foresight, I let him pee in the corner of the yard, quickly re-dressed him and reminded him to keep his clothes on.

I finally got that load of laundry started (after only an hour and a half) and sat down with Kaleb to read a book with him when McKenna came running in, all excited and smiling.

"Mom! Guess what Zachary and I did?"

I can't even begin to guess. And never in a million did I expect to hear:

"We pooped in the backyard! Right where Zachary peed!"

Sure enough, both of them collaborated, squatted and did their business. IN MY BACKYARD!!And that was my morning - all before 10:15am. How was your day?


  1. I just want you to know that you make me LAUGH OUT LOUD. I love your stories.

  2. Oh my goodness! My day has been rather calm once I look at it from your perspective. :)

    My day yesterday was another matter altogether...all because of a little incident with a snake.

    But today...well...today is good!

    Hope your day improves as well! :)

  3. I chased around a puppy and tried to get him out side to potty. This was difficult and I trembled w/ fear of potty training!!

  4. Our day was the same, minus the poop...and without even managing to move the laundry from upstairs down to the laundry room.

    Suddenly I'm feeling a wee bit better about that. :)

  5. crazy! we have lots of days like that too.

  6. crazy! we have lots of days like that too.

  7. Hi,just delurking here. You made me laugh with this post and I just wanted to tell you, that someday you will too....
    God bless you and your family!

  8. Oh Jolanthe! Just think of the stories you will have to tell his future wife. How she will love that you documented all of this. :)

    Hope your days are a little, um, less eventful. :)

  9. Me? I took my 3yo to a specialist an hour away to get an update on her eye disease. But, I still think I had the better deal. I don't react well to intentional stuff like that!

  10. Can't. Type. Laughing. Too. Hard.

    and definitely can't relate...LOL...ahem.


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