Thursday, June 19, 2008

What Comes After Terrible Twos?

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You hear so much about the terrible two's, but my experience has been more that it's the year AFTER that which seems most difficult.

And what exactly is that year called?

Because right now, in the midst of it with Zachary, there are days that I think it would be more productive to whack my head repeatedly on something like this:

Reasoning with a 3 year old can be comical - or make you just want to cry. Take for example the following conversation:
Z: This is the right and this is the left (meanwhile pointing in the opposite directions...)
Me: Actually, your window is on your right and Kaleb is on your left.
Z: (a little louder) THAT is the right and THAT is the left (again pointing opposite directions...)
At this point the two backseat helpers are pitching in their 2 cents, and the volume in the car is getting very loud.
Me: Zachary. Remember how this hand makes an "L" for left and the other hand is right?
Z: NO! That is NOT right. THIS is right.
Sigh. It's so nice to know that he already has all the answers. (While banging my head on the steering wheel).



  1. oh it has absolutely NOTHING to do with him being three, my dear. we have a seven year old who has been that way since he came out of the womb, and still takes every opportunity to let his father and i know that he knows far more then we do.

    that brick wall looks inviting. :0)

  2. Maybe "fwustwating fwees"??? Although I agree with Heidi Jo, it may be more of a personality thing.

    I think it's challenging to not only know how to relate to him as a mother (like not getting drawn into silly arguments), but also know how to help his siblings relate to him. I deal with that with my two oldest.

  3. I've always heard it called the Tumultuous Threes, and we are right in the middle of it.

    K: What's that?
    Me: That? Where?
    K: There. (Points in direction of approximately 100 things that could be 'that').
    Me: What color is it?
    K: No! What's THAT?
    Spend several minutes attempting to determine what 'that' he is pointing at until by sheer luck you land on it or he collapses in a fit because you haven't answered. Or ignore the question after the first few failed answers and achieve the screaming stage more quickly.

  4. Tumultuous Threes, then come the Fearsome Fours. I wasn't sure either my son nor I would make it to his 5th birthday. He is now 7, and we still have our struggles but we can see positive changes, slowly but surely.

  5. Three is by far the hardest age we have come by...'course my oldest is only 5...


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