Monday, June 9, 2008

The Best Part of Waking Up at VBS

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While I went to a local homeschool convention this last weekend, Laurianna travelled with our church on her first overnight (and really 2 nights) trip away from home. Our church had VBS for the older kids at a retreat center and this was the first year she was able to go.

And very excited to go!

I came home on Saturday and she didn't return until Sunday afternoon - and I hadn't seen her since Thursday. Is it possible that she seemed to have matured ever-so-much just in those few days? She hopped right out of the van drinking a can of grape soda (a huge treat since we don't drink soda), chatting about everything and full of energy.

She talked pretty much non-stop on the way home about all the things she saw in the creek, the songs they sang, the games they played (with full actions from the backseat), how late she stayed up at night, the campfires, and the food. And the best part of the food? Other than the cake every meal?

The coffee bar.

She had coffee with breakfast each morning. While I can inevitably see coffee in all of our children's future due to our love of it, I wasn't quite planning on it starting at age SEVEN!


  1. Coffee? They let her have coffee? What were they thinking??? ;)

    Hope you had a great, refreshing time at the homeschool convention!

  2. LOL.. We were over at Tim's parents when Nicia got home on Sunday and apparently she drank 5 cups of coffee on Sunday morning!! I can't believe they let them drink coffee.. we were cracking up as Nicia chattered non-stop the rest of the day.

  3. Oh My Goodness, that is hilarious. BECAUSE that was one of the first things kobe said...."I got to drink coffee...6 cups to be exact!!!!!!!!" And then he keeps asking if he can have it here. We don't even have a coffee maker. Maybe we will send him over to your house when he needs his coffee fix since you guys are coffee lovers. :)

  4. some of my most treasured memories as a kid were church retreat camp beginning in first grade!

    What a fun time for her! So glad you all let her go. Wish we had one around here.

  5. I checked on it, and apparently the coffee slipped under the radar the first morning...but it was set on higher ground the second day LOL! I know my little girl would have been thrilled to get coffee there,(haven't heard it mentioned yet, though!) Dunno where she gets it...I can't stand the stuff! sorry!


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