Monday, July 13, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday: Favorite Things

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Ummm...yeah. It's not Monday anymore.

I do have an excuse. I was on vacation and even though we could check email occasionally, our internet was rather sketchy and dependent on various wireless networks. And in a small town upstate New York, that isn't the most reliable internet connection.

But Friend Makin' Monday still went on and is being hosted over at Dandelion Wishes ~ the topic is our favorite things.

This list will be completely random, scattered, and thrown together. But I do love these things!

My new camera strap from My Funky Camera. I ordered this about a month ago and LOVE the cute design on one side and the super-soft padded backing on the strap. After our vacation this week, I'm very seriously considering one of her wristlets too.

Amy Knapp's family organizer. I have been using this planner for the last four years and just love it!!

Tommy Tenney's Finding Favor with the King book {and the devotional}. I loved the book and this devotional has been one of my favorites by far.

Mr. Clean Magic erasers. I haven't found a reason NOT to like these things. I am one thankful mommy to the person who thought up these genius little erasers!

The best stinkin' dough enhancer ever! ~ my bread just isn't the same without it. I promise you, this stuff rocks!

Then, there is one little product that I l.o.v.e. to death and I wrote about it a little while back...but it's on a topic of a more personal nature...specifically for women during a certain time of the month. If you are curious about it, you can read a little more about the diva cup {boys, you have been warned!!}.

That's all! Of course I do have more favorite things...but I only have a few minutes and that's all for now! Stop by Dandelion Wishes to join up with the linky and be sure to visit Kasey at All That is Good to hang out and make some new friends!


  1. OK, me too! I love Magic Erasers! They work so great on cleaning your car interior, you know the scuffs that won't come off no matter what you use on them.

    I also have to try your family organizer because I am a paper work freak and love being so organized.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. I love your camera strap and yes Magic Eraser is the best ever. How does it clean to well?

  3. oo I also love magic erasers.. had to bust those out last week! Did you know a thermometer can write on a wall.. I do now :-P (times 2)

  4. Yes! Magic Erasers are the best thing EVER!!!

    And I love that camera strap! Gorgeous!

  5. I've been wanting a wristlet too... but all the colors I like are sold out.. so I'm waiting in hopes they get more in stock!! :)
    and of course.. magic erasers.. best thing evah!


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