Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Bride in the Bargain {Book Review}

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Anna Ivey travels to Seattle soon after the Civil War ends hoping to find a new life as a cook and start fresh. She unknowingly signs on to travel with a man collecting 'brides' for the men in the Seattle area.

Joe Denton has worked hard over the last ten years building his logging company from the ground up. He stands to lose most of his land claim without a bride. His wife died before she was able to come to Seattle and Joe agrees to buy a bride and save his land.

Anna is shocked to discover that she is to be wed after her long journey ~ and adamantly refuses to marry Joe. He has only a short time to convince her there might be more to their relationship before he loses everything.


I absolutely love Deeanne Gist and her books. Love them. Needless to say, I was happy to have her newest book A Bride in the Bargain {Bethany House} along with me on vacation this last week.

It did not disappoint either!

Deeanne Gist has an amazing talent of taking a reader into a historical period and creating a story that is completely believable and extremely well written. She has a background in education and journalism and also has a line of products called I Did It!®. And a fun little tidbit about this book ~ her daughter is the model on the front cover!

If you haven't picked up any of her prior books, I would highly recommend them also: A Bride Most Begrudging, Courting Trouble, Deep in the Heart of Trouble, and The Measure of a Lady. These are all ones that I have on my shelves to re-read in years to come!

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  1. This book sounds great. I am going to look into Deeanne Gist and read some of her books.

  2. I just had some friends introduce me to Deanne Gist. I am on the second one--LOVED the first.
    IMPORTANT QUESTION! Have you read Marcia Lynn McClure's books??! If not, you will LOVE THEM so much you want to MAKE OUT WITH THEM!!! :)


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