Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mom is Bragging

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What good is having a blog if I can't use it to shamlessly brag on my children?

Laurianna and McKenna have been swimming hard all summer and are a part of a local swim team. They have worked so hard this season to better their times and strokes, overcome some fears, and the hard work paid off!

At the final meet of the summer, Laurianna took 5 SECONDS off her time in the 25 freestyle! She was so excited when she pulled up out of the pool to see she was also first in her heat.

For the first time this season, McKenna swam the 25 freestyle without stopping to grab the line!! She also shaved 10 seconds off her time too! Something finally clicked with this last meet and she is already excited for next year.

Way to go my girls! And you know your Daddy is SO proud of you too!


  1. That's a great accomplishment! My son didn't have the same drive this summer with swim team, the first thing he did after finishing (usually 3rd or 4th or 5th or 6th...) was ask if he could NOW get a lollipop? LOL

  2. WOW - go on girls - that rocks!

    You know I'll be posting a brag post too :) What good is a blog if not to record some mommy bragging?

    We had a great freestyle year - shaving off time, but back stroke...LOL...we added about 25 seconds during the year...then took them back off. HAHAHA! It was truly painful to watch.

    Glad your girls have fun - here's to next year!

  3. Of course you're supposed to brag. Way to go girls. I love swimming and think it's such a great sport. I need to put my oldest in lessons.

  4. hehe isnt that what the blog is for! WTG girls!!

  5. WOO! HOO! Congratulations and Kudos to your girls! What a way to go!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  6. That's wonderful!!! I loved being on swim team as a kid and look forward to my kids joining in the next few years.


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