Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Better Homemade Bread

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I swear to you that this is the "secret ingredient" in some of the tastiest bread.


Because when our local store stopped carrying it and I tried something else, I thought that I had lost my touch in baking bread. It was only after talking to another friend (who also had used it) that I discovered that my "secret ingredient" was the key to the better bread. And I believe in it so much that I bought this stuff by the CASE.

Are you curious?

It's a dough enhancer called Better Bread Dough Enhancer by Kitchen Resources. Don't let other dough enhancers fool you - this one really delivers on it's promise for fluffier baked goods, enhancing natural flavor and increasing dough strength.

I promise.

And if you are interested in picking yourself up a case to share with friends or keep for yourself, you can order it for the best price and FREE shipping from Best Kitchen Machines (I'm not getting any kickbacks from this).

And before I forget (and in case anyone is interested), here is the recipe that I use for my bread. Just click on the image to download either of the recipe sheets.

Just passing along a tip for you all, 'cause it is something that definitely works for me!


  1. I am totally going to try this! Thanks. I'm a HS mom too.

  2. Yay, you posted your recipe! You mentioned the dough enhancer in a post ages ago and I kept wanting to ask you what the bread recipe was, because so far I haven't found that perfect whole wheat recipe.

  3. It looks great and I would love to try it but what is in it? I checked out the website and even there cannot find an ingredient list.

  4. I haven't ventured into the bread making world yet, but when I do I'll be sure to remember this tip!

  5. I found the ingredients -

    Ingredients: Whey, soy lecithin, tofu, citric acid, dry yeast, sea salt, natural spice blend, corn starch, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), natural flavor.

  6. Thanks for the advice. I have never made bread like this.

  7. What size is your Kitchenaid? I've only been successful making one or two loaves at a time with it, otherwise it starts to make funny noises and smoke. I've been watching ebay for a bosch mixer because my stepmom has always used one and she's been teaching me her breadmaking methods. She always uses the dough enhancer you reccomend and her whole wheat is the yummiest I've ever had. She also uses vital wheat gluten by the same comapny, but I suspect if you let it rest for a minute and break up your kneading time you probably don't need extra gluten. I'm excited to try your recipe- my husband and I don't eat five loaves in one week and that's what I always make with her recipe. I'd rather make it more often than eat thawed bread! Thanks again!

  8. I LOVE HOMEMADE BREAD! Sounds like a great tip!

  9. Mmm. I've recently begun experimenting with adding a bit of extra wheat gluten to the loaves around here. It's fantastic. I've also found that a bit of molasses (instead of honey) gives it a delicious "homemade bread" taste and smell.

  10. I wonder what the secret is! I guess we'll have to try it out sometime and see if it works its magic for us, too!

  11. Definitely going to check this out. Though I'm more of a oven bread baker than a machine baker...I have a bread machine but I just do not like the way the bread comes out:( Thanks for the tips!

  12. Hello! I'm new to this blogging stuff, but I found your website several weeks ago as I searched for preschool info. My kids are 5 1/2, 22 months, and 11 weeks. I'm homeschooling as well. I just wanted to mention that I make bread using my Bosch, but I make my own dough enhancer. I have found that it works just as well as the store-bought, plus I know what is going into it. I'm willing to share the recipe if anyone is interested. Just let me know.


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