Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Blister is Coming

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While we were driving to visit Rick's family, Laurianna made a list of all 50 states so she could check off license plates as we passed them. Some of the spellings made us laugh a little later:

Road Island
Cuntuky (it's that whole K comes before...)

We visited Rick's grandmother, who is almost 101, this last week. She recently had a heart attack and has been having a difficult recovery. We knew she would look the same when we visited, so before going into her apartment, we read the kids the riot act about questions to avoid {ahem...Zachary}. I.e. 'Are you going to die? When are you going to die?', etc...

Zachary agreed and said he understood.

We all sat down to talk to Great-Grandma and first thing out of Zachary's mouth?

"You don't look like you're going to die."

Technically, he didn't ask a question...


Zachary walked up to me the other day and asked, "So. Do all girls have milkers? And when you drink milk, is that what comes out?"

Since I haven't nursed in almost 2 years now...this was completely out of the blue. And hysterical to boot!


We had some rainy weather while on vacation. When we were driving, Zachary saw the very overcast skies and said, "I think there is a tornado coming."

We laughed and said it wasn't going to be a tornado.

He quickly responded, "Oh. It's probably just a blister then."

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  1. hehe the milkers.. been cracking up about that one since Saturday!

  2. Kids are so funny aren't they? I loved the comment about the milkers! Thanks for sharing precious and funny memories!

  3. Hey I'm from Arkansaw! Too cute!

    I am LOL!!! Do all girls have milkers? Hee hee

    Not a tornado...just a blister then! Halarious! Love it!

  4. Oh. My. Goodness! That Zachary is a hoot! I'd definitely keep him around for comic relief.

  5. I love that he said, she doesn't look like she's going to die. How does one respond to that? And the milkers was classic too!! What a cutie he is!

  6. LOVE Whyoewme!!! That is a good one :)

    Milkers...that is one way of putting it.

    Happy TTT!

  7. Those are all so cute and funny!

  8. Oh my this kid has me cracking up...MILKERS? That's a good one. I love him already!!!! Love the g grandma comment too. And those stat spellings are priceless...why aren't they spelled that way anyhow? It sure would make things easier for us all!!!

  9. I graduated from a performing art school, I must have missed the lesson "K comes before..."
    I'll have to look that up :)
    Too cute!
    In HIS love

  10. LOL! All of that is funny. I love the spelling!


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